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Simple Ideas to Make Your First Sale Online

Nothing can be more elating than getting your first sale online. There are processes that you need to follow to get your first sale though. I am going to walk you through 7 simple ideas to make your first sale online.

Depending on what you are selling be it an affiliate product, an affiliate service, your own product, an online store with products. Whatever it is you will need to know a few basic trends to get your products out there on the WWW.

Now I know I used the word simple ideas in my title and if done over and over again they will be as simple as making a cuppa. The thing is to implement them and keep implementing them. Don’t do it once and think that’s it “I’m done” keep it up.

Listed is an overview of some simple ideas to get your first sale online.

1. Research and Aquire Knowledge….. Research is a major part of online marketing and needs to be done until you know your subject back to front. If you are going to promote a product or service get to know it and if you have an online store get to know that too. What you need to determine is what your prospective customers are searching for and give it to them. More knowledge here.

The key is to always keep an open mind and keep learning. How you learn is up to yourself, but my way is to read as much information on my chosen subject as possible. I even subscribe to other peoples websites just to get information that may be helpful to me. Apart from learning about your products you most definitely need to learn about how to optimize your website content and everything that goes with it. This is covered here.

For more on SEO ( search engine Optimization), and ways to get traffic I would like to show you a review I did on Traffic Travis. My review. Plus a walkthrough video of Traffic Travis.

2. Social Media….. Make friends on social media websites, connect with as many people as you possibly can in your niche or subject. Send out requests for friendships, join groups that apply to your topic, and network with these new friends. Make A banner with the words social media in blue and greysure you have all your profiles up to date and use a link to your website on your profile page. Don’t forget to use YouTube marketing as well, more on that here.

3. Build an Email List….. This really goes without saying, although the saying is “the money is in the list” Not everyone has a list. If you are new to online marketing you definitely won’t have a list. A list has to be earned! People have to subscribe to your list and to do that you will need to do a couple of things.a beige envelop with a red stamp seal

Have a website where you can promote a free gift as an incentive to visitors who opt-in willingly to your email list. I say willingly because it is classed as spamming if you email people without their consent. Do not spam anyone. You want to be trusted and gain authority from your visitors and keep your credibility. Another good idea is to join a good email provider that has autoresponder facilities. Sending emails manually can be very time consuming. So having an autoresponder will take the mundaness out of the task.

4. Google Bing and Yahoo…. To get noticed by the search engines can and will take some time. There is no getting around this fact. SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the key elements to getting indexed and ranked on the search engines. Other factors come into play as well. Creating engaging content for your website and plenty of it too. In-depth and The word google in coloured letters sitting on top of a buildinginformative information is a must. It has to help the reader in a way that answers their questions and or maybe problems.

There is the option to pay for ads. Google ads and Bing ads are both ( PPC ) pay per click. This means once you place your ad, if someone clicks on it you will be charged a very small fee for the click. There is more to it than placing a simple ad which is explained in more detail here.

5. Targeted Traffic….. No matter whether your advertisements are paid or free you still have to focus on targeted traffic. If your advertising campaign is simply aimed at any traffic you will not be reaping the rewards of your ad. The “reason” being because your ad may not attract the people who are interested in your niche. If people are not interested in what you have to offer it’s just a waste of time and money (if it’s a paid ad)5 piles of pennies with the words early to bed early to rise work like hell and advertise

6. So where do you advertise?

Forums are a great idea, join up with specific ones that are mainly about your topic. There are hundreds if not thousands of forums, all you need to do is a quick search online.
A quick word of advice about forums. ALWAYS read their guidelines on posting. Some forums can be pretty strict about posting your offers. This is especially relevant when you are a new member. Interact with the members for a while before posting your offers. It is so tempting to post your offer immediately, but DON’T unless a member specifically asks.

7. Q & A Websites

Question and answer websites are good to post your offers in too. They must be topic orientated so you can sneak in your offer. Sites like Quora and Answers are good ones. Another word of warning. Always use anchor text when posting your offer. Do Not link to another website that has affiliate links on the page either. Try and write your article in a way that it flows with your anchor text, make it look natural.

I have personally had my answers removed for not doing this, so this is a hands-on experience. ( I was unaware at the time) Whether asking a question or answering a question make your Q & A’s helpful. Ask questions you know will stir up some engaging content and plenty of answers.

In Conclusion

So to recap on the 7 simple ideas.

  1. Research
  2. Social Media
  3. Email List
  4. Search Engines
  5. Traffic
  6. Advertise
  7. Q & A

If you have any questions please feel free to leave your comments in the box below.

Hope you enjoyed my article.




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