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Stencils Designs Templates VS Easils Designs Templates Review

So who are Stencil and Easil? They are both image design websites where you can choose a ready-made template and then edit it to your own specifications. In this overview, I would like to let you know the different comparisons between Stencils Designs Templates and Easils Designs Templates.

You can find templates for every type of image typically imagined on the web. From web page templates to header templates, banner templates, navigation buttons, order buttons, and ebook covers. You can find easily what you need on the Internet.

Why We Need Images

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Internet users will spend only a few seconds on a website before deciding to either stay or try elsewhere. Take heed of this fact and realize that a website with great content can still be left behind without a professional, attractive look with the appropriate images.

When appealing images are placed within a website or blog it is a good practice to name the images according to what they represent. You will also need to have an Alt Description for those people who use image readers. This will help the search engines find the content and index it faster and will even bring a few extra visits through image search results.

The images should be captivating if at all possible. A website that simply posts useless and meaningless images is just as bad as a website that does not use images.

Images, photos or illustrations add interest to a website, they provide a focal point. They visually create an impact that an article with no illustration does not, and can result in a website being much more popular than it might be otherwise.

It has long been established that the use of images provides extra interest. Pictures break up blocks of text to make pages more visually appealing and this results in readers staying longer on a page, website.

This, in turn, this can help with search engine rankings. As your visitors are staying on your website longer. The longer a visitor stays on your website this indicates to Google and other search engines that you have quality and engaging content.

Royalty Free Images

A royalty-free image is a picture that anyone can use without having to pay a fee to the photographer. While that can sound like a straight-forward arrangement, there are several details that you need to be aware of to avoid copyright infringement.

It is best to get this type of image from a website where you have an account and have general permission to use the images on the site. Pulling images off an Internet search engine is dangerous because you have no idea if those images are royalty-free or who owns them. Just make sure they have a Creative Commons license.

Free Image Templates

This is an image I created using a free design template.

Click on the image below for more information about a great affiliate marketing training platform. Or go here.

the best training on the internet showing a pink sky


This is where image templates come to the fore. More often than not you will be able to find free image templates by just doing a search on the internet for “Free image templates”.

You can get some great free images from certain websites that let you download them.  If you need to customize them you have to upload them to an image editor then actually edit them. This can and does take a lot of time. So I use an all in one design template whereby you don’t need to leave the design template website to edit the template. See who I use for this below.

Stencils Designs Templates VS Easils Designs Templates

To be honest there is not much difference between Stencil and Easil. They are great programs to obtain your image templates. The trouble is though that they are not as free as such. You can choose from a few free image templates with them both but with a lot of limitations. The limitations being you have to upgrade to get many of the more professional templates.


So as you can see you don’t get much leeway with Easil. They do have a 14-day free trial for the hospitality industry. So you check their templates out to see if it is worth upgrading.

Below is a list of what you are able to do with Easil.







The template categories available are also listed below.

Easil does allow you to edit your design templates and easily add a new page if so desired.

Easil also does themes which are listed below. These are available to buy. Although when I went to buy one of these theme templates and went to the cart there was a $0.00 payment. The invoice was then sent to my email as follows in the screenshot. I edited the same template and chose to download it in JPG format and it downloaded straight to my computer.

I would say it is trial and error with Easil. It really did confuse me a little so it’s worth playing around to find out for yourself.

screenshot of invoice payment to Easil




An options setting for Google fonts in Stencil

And the same goes for Stencil you don’t get many free templates. Although you can sign up for 10 free images a month. The photo section has only 24 free photos to download. Stencil allow you to upload your own images and edit them Uploading an image counts towards your 10 free images a month. And there is an option to import Google Fonts.


Get your free website here


If you go to the extras setting underneath Import Fonts you will see the following. This is where you can install an extension on your website or use a plugin for WordPress.


extra setting image for Stencil


I tried to create a template with both of these design template websites and as soon as I did a pop up came up saying that I had to upgrade to get even the simplest of templates.

Would you use these two design templates when there is plenty of free ones to choose from on the net? I would love to know your opinion on this.

I do not use these two design template websites myself. I just wanted to let my readers know that there are options available to you that are free. Of course, the free design template websites do have the option to upgrade but there is far more of a selection to choose from.

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See where I get my image templates from?

My rating for Easil design templates is 5/10.

My rating for Stencil design templates is 6/10.

I hope this article was helpful on Stencils Designs Templates VS Easils Designs Templates. In that, you can make a decision for yourselves to which image design template website you choose.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the comments box or contact form.



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