How Do You Make Money With Blogging – My Journey

Let me first say that blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. Unless you are running a blog for a hobby most people want to earn money by blogging. There are some bloggers that don’t know how to turn their blog into a passive income. So how do you make

How to get More Traffic with your Blog – Some Simple tips

One of the most common challenges people face nowadays with a website is the lack of traffic. This is a constant problem for many small businesses and if you don’t have any traffic, you won’t have any sales. So the question I hear a lot and I also ask myself

Make Money Writing Blogs: 5 Essential Tools to Use

Make Money Writing Blogs There are just some tools and resources affiliate marketers and bloggers just need to have. They are must have’s not just maybe’s. Some of these tools will work in the background but are essential to make money writing blogs. Once you have built and set up

How to Write a Great Blog Post in 5 Easy Steps

Content is King Content is king make no mistake about it. I have come up with a few ideas to share here on my website with my readers. So the subject of this article is how to write a great blog post. I imagine that all content writers whether you

Blogging for a Living – 30 Places to Start Your Blogging Career

Many freelance writers are starting to discover that blogging for a living is one of the most popular opportunities accessible to them. Blogging is basically a progression of posts on a specific subject or(niche) which are recorded in reverse chronological order. Blogs might be about a wide range of subjects

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