Why is My Bounce Rate so High – on My Landing Page?

Why is my bounce rate so high on my landing page? Good question. A landing page is a page on your site which people land on when they click on one of your ads, be they search ads, display ads, social ads, or whatever. And so, many marketers and the

Why is My Website Not Ranking?

So you have built a website online and you are really pleased with it. It looks great it has plenty of great images and good content, so you are wondering… but why is my website not ranking? The reason is:  You Don’t Have Enough Link Juice To rank higher than

Why is Social Media Good for Business?

Why is social media good for business?. Most of us belong to at least one social networking website. Many of us belong to social media sites too. So what is the difference? Understanding the distinction between social media and social networking isn’t really that hard to define. Their differences are

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