talk fusion review

Talk Fusion Review

Welcome to my Talk Fusion review

It’s always a good idea to seek out and research products and services before you decide to join any program. Today I want to talk about Talk Fusion on whether or not it is a scam or a reputable business model to join. And also whether or not it is a legitimate way to make money online.

SUMMARYtalk fusion logo

Name: Talk Fusion

Founder: Bob Reina

Price:   $10 per month – one-off payment upfront $99

$25 per month – one-off payment upfront $249

$50 per month – one-off payment upfront $1499

Product Type: MLM video marketing

Upsells: No

Scam: No

Rating: 8/10


Talk Fusion  – What is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion was originally founded by a guy named Bob Reina back in 2007 who is now the CEO of Talk Fusion. He wanted to revolutionize the industry by being able to show videos in emails instead of just text emails.

Talk Fusion is a business that offers video marketing software to other businesses and clients. They operate via the MLM model (multi-Level Marketing). If you are unsure what MLM is, start by going here to find out more about MLM.

The principal and concept of Bob Reina’s vision back in 2007 was made by a product that offered something a little different. You can watch the introduction video below.

Talk Fusion products

Video Email

With a huge array of pre-built templates, it makes it easy to send a video email.

1. Select your theme

2. Upload/record a video

3. Press send

Video Newsletters

With the easy drag and drop design interface it can easily increase open rates, click-throughs, replies and forwards faster than you can say Just press play.

Live Meetings

You can host secure, global and scalable meetings with the latest WebRTC technology

  • Mobile-friendly and works on any device
  • Instantly launch, schedule in advance, or set recurring meetings
  • Up to 500 attendees and 15 meeting hosts
  • Share your desktop, browser, and files
  • Interactive whiteboard and real-time chat
  • Easily assemble and archive meetings
  • Send timely meeting reminders
  • Pass presenter controls with just one click
  • Add guests on the fly
  • Make your meeting public or private

Video Chat

Android, Apple, PC, or tablet. it doesn’t matter where you are or what device you’re using; Video Chat connects them all. Make video or audio calls and send unlimited messages directly from your phone, browser, or desktop.

Signup Forms

You can place a customized Sign-up Form on your website or Video Newsletter to acquire new leads and grow your mailing list. See the example below.

With the gallery of ready-to-use themes and the ability to upload your own images, you can create a unique Sign-up Form that complements your brand, webpage, or newsletter.

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screenshot of talk fusion pricing

You can save 10% by paying annually.

Talk Fusion Compensation Plan

Talk Fusion is the first and only MLM company in the world to pay commissions instantly just three minutes after a sale. Now that is quite impressive. They pay this to all countries except Indonesia where they use a slightly different strategy.

See the compensation plan PDF.

Talk Fusion Compensation Plan PDF.

or if you are not into reading at this time:

Watch this short demonstration video to comprehend how Talk Fusion’s compensation plan works.

How does the Talk Fusion MLM system work

Your Talk Fusion business is set up as a binary tree.

Start by building two teams:

screenshot of a binary tree

One on the left and one on the right. When you personally make two product sales (one on the left, one on the right), you become a Team Builder. This means you have laid the foundation on which to grow your business, plus you now qualified to earn Team Commissions.

Your next goal is to become a Team Leader. To achieve this, teach your two personally sponsored people to build their left and right teams, so they can become Team Builders also.


screenshot of talk fusion compensation plan

As a Team Leader, you can earn:

Fast Start Bonuses
Mega Matching Bonuses
More Team Commissions
Mercedes Car Bonus
Five Star Vacations
A Rolex watch
Recognition Rings

Talk Fusion gives you 10 top reasons to become an associate as outlined below.

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Associate

    1. Opportunity for financial security, time freedom, and unlimited income potential
    2. The first and only company with Instant Pay (get paid in three minutes!)
    3. One of the highest paying compensation plans in the industry
    4. A global company with Customers and Associates in more than 140 countries
    5. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry
    6. Earn world-class rewards like life-changing bonuses, Rolex watches, diamond rings, elite vacations, and Mercedes Benz car bonuses
    7. A company with high ethical standards: we are part of the United States Direct Selling Association (DSA)
    8. Our products: see the top ten reasons to buy
    9. Our 11-year, debt-free track record gives you stability while you work to earn extra income
    10. Build your own home-based business with everything you need ready from Day One

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

image of talk fusion CEO Bob Reina

One of the best features of Talk Fusion is CEO Bob Reina himself. He is one hell of a guy. Not only is he good at what he does for a living but he is a keen animal lover. Personally, that goes a long way in my personal opinion. You can read all about him here.

Instant Commissions

As mentioned earlier one of the good things that Talk Fusion offer is the instantaneous payment of commissions.

Free 30-day Trial

The Products

The Bad

MLM Model

MLM has a bad reputation, but if done correctly it can work.

Talk Infusion has in the past been issued with a lawsuit for being classed as a pyramid scheme. You can see the lawsuit action here. Is this the type of business you want to be involved with? The decision is yours. I am here to tell you the facts, not the hype.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Facts

Talk Infusion is not listed in the BBB as being accredited. Go here for more information.

The Ugly

I cannot find anything ugly about this program.

I believe Talk Infusion is a legitimate business model and it is just unfortunate that they have been caught up in a lawsuit. It will be interesting to see whether Talk Infusion does get sued for being a pyramid scheme. Only time will tell.

Please feel free to contact me if you have had any dealings with Talk Infusion. You can contact me either in the comments area or the contact or ask me form.



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2 thoughts on “Talk Fusion Review

  1. Hi,
    I haven’t tried this product, I have researched it and wrote a review about Talk Fusion. Watch the video’s in my review to find out more information about Talk Fusion is my suggestion then make an informed decision on that.

  2. So, how is the actual product, I do not care about the MLM part, just want to know if the product/service is any good in day to day use

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