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The Proof Wealthy Affiliate Works

Welcome to my article – The proof Wealthy Affiliate Works.

Wealthy Affiliate consists of a training platform and an affiliate marketing platform. It is free to sign up and with the free starter offer, you will get 10 training lessons. This is called Online Entrepreneur Certification.

I will show you how to cover your membership fee. (See below).

The affiliate side of Wealthy Affiliate is based on referrals. The more referrals you sign up the more affiliate commissions. The compensation plan is paid monthly and yearly.

Here is a screenshot of the compensation plan.

blue boxes with $ numbers inside


Wealthy Affiliate will also walk you through how to build up to 2 free websites that come with the free starter program.

Wealthy Affiliate is a real opportunity to earn real money online. It has been proven to be a genuine affiliate program by the many members who have done so many reviews on this program. The commissions are real and so is the training.

Becoming a Premium Member

The free starter offer is valid for 7 days and at that time if you are active in the community and the training you will find out for yourself if the program is for you or not.

Most people who sign up for Wealthy Affiliate are looking for a program to make money online. With Wealthy Affiliate, this is truly possible. You can join the free starter program here.

Some people are looking for training so they can become a knowledgeable affiliate marketer. This also works in Wealthy Affiliate. The training here at Wealthy Affiliate is of a high-quality standard.

Below are the differences between a starter membership and a premium membership.

screenshot of a comparison chart at Wealthy affiliate

If you upgrade to the premium membership you will get everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. No more payments ever. Sign up within the 7 day period and you will get your first month for $19. After this, the monthly membership goes up to $49. So it’s worth becoming a premium member within the 7 day period to get a saving of $30. Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate can have up to 50 websites, not just 2 as with the free starter program.

How to Cover Your Membership fee

It is actually possible to start earning inside Wealthy Affiliate right away. Once you become a premium member to help you cover for the cost of your membership.
If you follow the training, you will learn there is a comment platform where you can earn credits for leaving comments on other people’s websites.
By just doing this, you will be able to earn to cover some or all of your membership. As you turn your credits to cash.
However, make sure to follow the training so you will learn how to do this properly as you will only be able to earn credits if you leave high-quality comments but all this is explained in the training.

The Training


dominoes with the word learn

The training doesn’t just stop at the Online Entrepreneur Certification it carries on. You will be able to finish your Online Entrepreneur Certification with another 40 lessons once you are a premium member.

Depending on the niche you choose, you can choose to do the Affiliate Bootcamp training which consists of 7 courses of 10 lessons making 70 in total.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is mainly for those of you who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I would recommend doing this training no matter which niche you promote. All training can be accessed at any time.

And there is more. There are more training lessons which have been posted by some loyal members. This is where the community comes together as one to help other members achieve success. The community spirit within Wealthy Affiliate is next to none.

Ask anything you like in live chat or in the community chat and they will be answered to the best of the member’s abilities. We mustn’t forget about the live webinars that Jay does within Magistudios, which are repeated from time to time in case you may have missed any of them.

Wealthy Affiliate Websitebanner saying this little square can change you life today Wealthy Affiliate

The actual platform of Wealthy Affiliate will give you a few additional extras. You will receive secure SSL (HTTPS) 256-bit encrypted Connections, which puts your visitor’s mind at rest as it will keep their data safe.

You will have 1,000,000 free optimized images too at your disposal, to use on your website.

There is Site Speed which delivers ultra-fast caching which in turn speeds up your websites. Also, Site Protect which guards against spamming. You will be able to see all the insights into your websites so if you see a variation in your site it can be fixed ASAP.

You will be able to use the free Jaaxy keyword research tool which is awesome. More on this below.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

a banner with the word jaaxy in it

There is free site support, so if anything goes wrong on the technology side of the website you are covered. They are very helpful and very quick to sort out any problems.

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate seems to have most everything covered they have really put some thought into how they wanted the website to be for their members.

The Proof That Wealthy Affiliate Works.
tiles with the word proof written on them

One more plus for Wealthy Affiliate is if you refer 300 premium members within a given year you become a Super Affiliate but not only that you have the opportunity to go to a Super Affiliate live conference in Las Vegas America all expenses paid. This is awesome, and some members have done this. If this isn’t an incentive to promote Wealthy Affiliate I don’t know what is.

Some members here are making a good income promoting Wealthy Affiliate, enough to be able to give up their day jobs in fact. I have seen the proof and now I will show you the proof. Click on the names, this will take you to a blog each of them wrote regarding their earnings from Wealthy Affiliate (mainly). This also shows you just how the community connects with each other. The blogs written by these members give inspiration to the new members who are just starting in their quest to make money online.




What Else Will I Learn From Wealthy Affiliate

One of the questions many people ask is ” how long will it be before I make any money” this is the million-dollar question. It all depends on the individual.

How fast you learn and how fast you want this opportunity to work for you. There really is no rush though, take your time as you will be doing certain tasks that help the learning process, it’s a program where you can earn as you learn.

One of the first tasks you will do in the training will be to set up a website your website, you need to have this up and running basically to start promoting whichever niche you have chosen. The training takes you through A-Z of learning of how to be a successful affiliate marketer. If you have a question ask the community in the special area for asking questions or ask in live chat.

The training covers all aspects of the facts you will need to know. You will learn everything from how to research keywords on how to promote your website and lots more.

Just think in a few months you could be earning an income from home. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen, especially if you work at this opportunity in a consistent manner.

More incredible information here

Wealthy Affiliate is my second home, I like to call it the home of the Elite Affiliate Marketers.

a banner with the words would you like to earn (photo of money) while sitting on your (photo of a lounge) with your (photo of a laptop

I hope you enjoyed my article on The proof Wealthy Affiliate works. If you have any questions please feel free to comment in the comments area or contact me with the contact form or the ask me form.



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