Tips for Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Welcome to my article on Tips for Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer.

The very first task I would give myself is to obtain the best affiliate marketing training I could find. This is done by doing a search on any of the search engines. Seek out the ones with the best reviews that will give you real guidance. You will find many sites and reviews on tips for becoming a successful affiliate marketer, along with training modules, video’s, podcasts and the list goes on.

I am thinking on the presumption you know what Affiliate Marketing is. I can tell you basically in a few words. It is promoting another persons or companies products, to eventuate a sale and get paid a commission.

Many people think that to start in affiliate marketing you only need a website to put a few products and ads on it then publish it. Then wait for people to magically appear to buy your products. ( I wish it was that easy)


I did my own research for obtaining great affiliate marketing training and came up with the No1 on various websites. My research came up with No2 and No3, but remember I want the best. So, in my opinion, the best has to be the one that other people reviewed as No1. (hope that makes sense)

Here are 2 websites that have reviewed the Wealthy Affiliate program and they have published it as the No1 affiliate marketing training platform. Want to join Wealthy Affiliate, join here now.

A screenshot of Im Mozie

Photo of a laptop and a optin box and writing saying turn your passion into a thriving online business

A yellow banner with the WA logoSo now you know where to get the best training from, it’s a good idea to start learning a few more aspects about being an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketers have a few tricks up their sleeve, they use affiliate marketing tools to help them be a more successful marketer.

a blue banner with writing of wealthy affiliate

A List of tools I use

Wealthy Affiliate…  Training Program and an affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a tool as such but I use it for the training, the community, and learning among other things. I have written 2-3 posts on Wealthy Affiliate. I have added one below.

Jaaxy…  Keyword Research Tool.

I have written a review on Jaaxy so you can see the that below too.

AddThis…  Social Media sharing buttons.

Almost every website has social sharing buttons. With AddThis, you can also have follow me buttons, link promotion buttons, list building buttons, and related post buttons. They are really easy to install, just put a code on your website which AddThis provide for you.

Opt-In Form…  Email Delivery Program

I use Send pulse but email delivery is more of a personal option. It also depends on what type of website you have for the program you choose. There are a few variations with different programs, so you will have to look into which one is suitable for you.

MLM Gateway…  A Lead Generation System

When you join MLM Gateway you are given 5 credits to choose who you would like to network with. 1 credit 1 person. They will target other MLM Gateway members in your country for you to network with. You can earn or buy credits to do more tasks. You can also pay to get credits by becoming a monthly member.

Viglink…  Revenue Deliverer

When installed on your website via a simple code that Viglink supplies, you can raise revenue. Visitors to your website who click on links will do this. Viglink makes new affiliate links from your content. If someone buys an item from these links you get the compensation for it. It is also an affiliate network website.

SemRush Multi-Purpose Tool

There are 3 main categories for SemRush. Analytic, Tools and Projects. Within the 3 categories are more subjects. A really good tool to have in your toolkit.

Traffic Travis…  Research Tool

Traffic Travis is an all in one tool for SEO, PPC monitoring and general market research.


My Wealthy

Best Free Keyword Research Tool


If you have already chosen your niche then you are going to need products or services to promote. Research affiliate networks and individual companies that have an affiliate program.

Your products or services need to be of the highest quality. One way of doing this is by comparing one product against another of a different brand. Think in terms of, would you buy such-and-such a product yourself. By doing this you will usually find which particular product to promote without a problem.

Keep Learning

In affiliate marketing developments and up-to-the-minute news happens very quickly. Be Always on the look out for news updates and new developments in your niche and affiliate marketing in general. Watch out for the newest and latest trends within your niche. Always invest some time in learning, reading, getting advice and browsing for good information related to your niche.

Test and Track

Always track your campaigns. You will want to know which of your products are the most popular. It helps with knowing which ads are working best for products. Also, it helps in knowing what advertising platforms are working the best. Google Analytics blue banner with coloured pencils and the word analyticsis a free tool you can use to test and track your campaigns. Google Analytics will keep track of how many visitors you have had to your website in real time.

Having a great looking website is not just for pleasing your eye it will also please your visitors too. Try to make your website as professional looking as possible. It helps your visitor trust your site if it looks more appealing and professional. No one wants to buy from a cheap looking website.

Always do your keyword research and know where to put them in your article. You will want to know which keywords pull in the audiences and which keywords will attract the search engines. So be vigilant when doing keyword research. Use your keyword research tool.

Use email marketing. You may not have an email list when you first become an affiliate marketer. The best time to start generating one is from the very beginning of your journey as an affiliate.

Be committed to your project. Work at it and spend as much free time as possible working on it. Think long term, not short term. Work hard, promote your product and keep writing those articles. Never give up.


blue banner with partly shown pen and note paper and a laptop keyboard with the words catch 30x more mistakes than spell checkbanner with noepad and pen and a laptop keyboard with words editorr and #1 online writing tool and proofreader

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