Tips for Writing Emails That Actually Get Read

Being an inquisitive person I have to open and read almost every email I receive even in my junk folder. I probably read about 90% of the emails I receive. This is not the norm though. Most people are not like me and do not even open any of their emails if they are not sure of the sender. So I would like to give you some tips for writing emails that actually get read.

Your Email Heading

2 hands one with a wristwatch and the other hand writing with the words everthing you need to write emails like an expert. Get 30+ email content templates

What’s the difference between these 2 headings?

1. Here’s a product you will love

2. Here’s an amazing product you cannot afford to miss

Which would you choose to use?

No.2 is the more appealing and would definitely get more attention from your email subscribers than the 1st one.

Make your email heading as catchy as possible just like you do when you write blog post headings. Jazz it up, make an impact and try to make the heading a little curious. Humans are naturally curious beings, so this makes complete sense.

Don’t use the sales language like FREE, SAVE, and LIMITED TIME OFFER in your heading save it for the content.

Try using a question for your headline such as: Have you treated yourself lately? or When was the last time you treated yourself?.

Use the benefits of a product such as: Seriously you may change your life with this (product) or This (product) may change your life “seriously” With this email headline make sure you write in your email that if this product is used CORRECTLY then it may change your life. Also, have a clause of NO guarantee. Cover your back on this one.

Then there is a time-sensitive email such as: (product) is half price until tomorrow! yes really! or Hurry! this (product) only on sale until tomorrow.

Keep the Reader in Mind at All Timesbook and full cup on a table. the book says what to write in your emails

Write your email to your readers and not for yourself. Don’t go overboard with the selling aspect of the product you are promoting. Readers will see straight through sales talk. Engage your readers so that they know you too are a human being.

Tell a small story about yourself and I mean small, that is relevant to the subject. If you write an essay type email your readers will become bored with it and move on. Hence, never even looking at the product you are promoting. If you are sending sales emails get to the point quickly. Show them the benefits of the product or service. Tell them how and why this product will do what it says it will do. If it’s a discount you are offering you need to show them the discount early on in the email. Then tell them why they will benefit from it.

Use words that you would use when talking in normal conversation as if you are talking to a friend. Write in the 1st and 2nd person as in “you” and “me”. You want your readers to connect with you, so fancy talk and big words won’t cut it. They will just think of you as a know it all or a posh person that does not know how to connect with people. You may also be considered a prude who thinks they are better than everyone.

So keep your language in simple everyday use type of conversation. Talk to your readers as if you have known them all your life. Throw in a few humorous comments, just make your email more readable.

Valuable Nuggets of information

Throughout your email throw in a few valuable nuggets to keep your readers attentive in still wanting to read until the end of your email. Some things that you can use as valuable nuggets are:A gold nugget

1. Exclusive video content

2. Exciting and informative ebooks

3. Invites to one of a kind webinars

4. Step by step tutorials and guides

Just make sure you can back up your valuable nuggets with the information you have promised.

Value is the word to describe what your email subscribers want. How many times have you opened an email only to be disappointed with the content? You have to give your readers the value they deserve for swopping their email address for your particular type of information and data.

Be exclusive, don’t just copy what everyone else is doing in their email delivery. Think outside the box and try to come up with a different angle.

Once you introduce your promotion in your email, firstly tell your email subscribers what benefits they will get by having this particular product. Then you can emphasize the features and all the other things that go with it.

Invite Your subscribers to be Social

Just because you are offering a product to your email subscribers doesn’t mean you cannot have social engagement with them. Invite them to be friends on social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, G mail plus, Pinterest etc. This way they can see what else you may have to offer and who you as a person actually engage with.A banner with the words social media in blue and grey

Once they see how many fans you have on social media this will definitely make them think twice about your reputation. Your credibility will increase and so will the rapport you have with your subscribers.

Reward your Email Subscribers

A reward or gift can go along way in the eyes of your subscribers. A gift or reward can come in many forms. A discount perhaps on a certain amount of your products. An informational report or guide. You may want to send them an exclusive video to watch. The rewards you can send your subscribers are varied and of course, depend on the niche you are in.

This small tactic will always get noticed by your subscribers along with that catchy headline. In return, your emails will be opened and read.

Make your Email Personal

Making your email personal is easy to do. One tip is to change your “from” field to your name instead of from your business name. Another tip is to use personalized tags so your email includes the recipient’s first name. This looks much better but also makes your message more personal for your subscribers.

Always have your call to action button clearly visible to your readers, after all this is basically the whole point of the email in the first place.

Try softer tones with your CTA, like “learn more” and “be inspired” rather than “buy here” This way your CTA will look less like a sales button.

One last piece of advice. Don’t send emails too often. I would recommend once a week. There is nothing more annoying than getting emails everyday especially when they are the same email.

If you haven’t thought about an autoresponder as yet, read one of my blogs on this subject here.

If you want advice on email marketing services to compare them then go here.

I hope I have given you some inspiration to write great emails that will be opened and above all read.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below.



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