Top Niches for Online Business

Choosing a niche for your business can be a little daunting. A question I see a lot online is “how do I choose a niche” or “how do I know which niche is profitable” and many similar questions. Choosing top niches for online business needs a little thought.

I often hear people advise other people saying “what are you passionate about” or “what are your Hobbies” Then start a niche about your hobby or your passions. Although these niches may turn out to be profitable more research should be done before just going with a topic you are passionate about.

Do Your Research

You must first research if there is a market for the product or service you want as your niche. Plus, you need to know if there are people out there willing to buy what your niche has to offer. Also, you may have a fantastic idea for a niche and have the enthusiasm to go with it but without customers to buy your products you may as well bang your head against a brick wall.

Find out what people are already buying and fill in the gaps. For example:

Say your niche is ‘Golf Clubs”. What gaps can you find within the niche “Golf Clubs”? There are plenty e.g.

2 golf club bags with glof clubs inside them

  • Women’s golf clubs
  • Golf Club Bag Accessories
  • Golf club sets
  • Used golf clubs
  • Golf Equipment
  • Golf Iron Sets
  • Men’s Golf Clothing
  • Wilson golf clubs

What you need to do is fill in the existing need for a product. “Golf Clubs” is far too broad a niche, so you need to narrow it down. Just by doing some research on google, amazon, or with a keyword research tool and any other means you can think of, you can come up with plenty of topics.

So after you have narrowed “Golf Clubs” down, do some more research on the topics you have narrowed it down too. Here is another example: Let’s take “Mens Golf Clothing”man and a light globe a man having a light bulb moment


  • Golf Shirts
  • Golf Trousers
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Caps
  • Sunglasses

So now you have narrowed it down even further to a specific item. Now do some more research on 1 specific item you feel you want for your niche. eg “Golf Shoes” so these sub-niches are the ones you need to focus on. Why? The competition will be lower and it won’t be as hard to be ranked in the search engines. “Golf Shoes” is still a broad niche you can narrow it down again into let’s say “Women’s Golf Shoes” Do you see where I am going with this.

Something you need to take into consideration when choosing a niche as well is will you be able to write enough content on the subject. You don’t want to pick a niche where say in 3 months time your content will dry up as there is no more to say on the subject. But also you want a narrow enough niche that you will not have too many competitors and will get good rankings in the search engines. It a fine line so be careful in choosing a niche.

Here are some top niches for online business

Almost all the top and profitable niches fall into the 5 main categories you see below.

1. Money (Business, Employment, Marketing, Investing, Gambling)

2. Health & Fitness (Medical Conditions, Diet & Weight Loss, Addictions)

3. Dating & Relationships (Sex, Love, Family, Marriage, Relationships)

4. General Interest (Hobbies, Skills, Activities, and Interests)

5. Religion & Spirituality (Belief, Christianity, Atheism)

If you already have a topic in mind but not sure if it will be profitable take a look at the niches below and try to fit your idea into one of the niches that are nearest to your own idea.


Finance & Investing Business & Marketing Employment Personal Finance Gambling
Credit Card Comparison Start A Coffee Shop Powerpoint Tutorials Senior Living Sports Betting
Cryptocurrency Artificial Intelligence Photoshop Tutorials Life Insurance Online Poker
Offshore Banking Entrepreneurship Negotiation Skills Divorce
Blockchain Outsourcing TEFL Bankruptcy
Bitcoin App Development Online Jobs Personal Finance
FOREX Email Marketing Time Management Coin Collecting
Gold Trading Facebook Marketing Event Planning
Penny Stocks Business StartUp
Amazon FBA
Sales Tips


Weight Loss & Diet Medical Fitness Addiction
Cambridge Diet Menopause
Ski Holidays Quit Smoking
Zone Diet Bad Posture Jogging Drug Addiction
South Beach Diet Acid Reflux Yoga Cigar Smoking
Keto Diet Hair Loss Mountain Biking Alcohol Addiction
Paleo Wrinkle Treatment Wearable Tech
Raw Food Insomnia MMA
30 Minute Meals Healthy Gut Meditation
Vegan Acne Windsurfing
Diabetic Recipes Tinnitus Reiki
Slow Cooking IBS Strength Training
Detox Diet Stress Management Pilates
Home Remedies Fibromyalgia Cross Fit
Alkaline Diet Angular Cheilitis Hiking
Dash Diet Natural Pain Relief Qigong
Weight Loss For Women Yeast Infections Army Training
Gluten Free Stop Snoring Scuba Diving
Mole Removal metal detecting
Eczema Treatment
Childhood Obesity
Colic Relief
Bed Bugs Treatment
Fatty Liver
Joint Pain
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Low Self Esteem
Increase Testosterone
High Blood Pressure
Medical Tourism
Anger Management
Cellulite Removal
Fear of Flying
Panic Attacks
Bad Breath
Erictyle Dysfunction
Natural Skin Care
First Aid
Natural Pain Relief
Healthy Gut



Dating Marriage & Family Pets
Dating For Disable Elderly Care Bearded Dragon Care
Dating For Professionals Baby Shower Dog Fashion
Law of Attraction Wedding Planning Backyard Chickens
Romance Ideas Home Security Puppy Care
Writing Poetry Senior Living Horse Breeding
Senior Dating Adoption Ferret Care
Breast Feeding Cat Care
Childhood Obesity Koi Fish
Private Investigator Pet Travel
Colic Relief Dog Grooming
Divorce Equestrian
Anti-Bullying French Bulldogs
Toilet Training Bulldog Care
Genealogy Birdwatching
Baby Development Urban Farming
Homeschooling Natural Dog Food


Skills & Learning Hobbies & Activities Travel Food & Cooking
Entrepreneurship Jogging Beercations BBQing
Goal Setting Yoga Volunteer Tourism Raw Food
Mentalism Mountain Biking African Safari Vegan
DIY Jewellery Aquaponics European City Breaks Paleo
Car Restoration Numerology Medical Tourism Wine Making
Excel Tutorials Wine Making Ski Holidays Coffee Lovers
Screen Writing League of Legends Pet Travel Slow Cooking
How To Write A Book Craft Beer 30 Minute Meals
NLP MMA Bread Making
Sales Tips Beekeeping Restaurant Recipes
Law of Attraction Meditation Mexican Cooking
Cryptocurrencies Camping Indian Food
Goal Setting Windsurfing Vegetarian Cooking
The Blockchain Watch Making Cake Making
Excel Tutorials Car Restoration Appetizers
Speed Reading Home Fitness
PowerPoint Kayaking
Photoshop Pilates
Negotiation Skills Strength Training
Termite Control BBQing
App Development Hiking
Gun Safety Golf
Colouring Books for Adults Solar Power
Film Making Home Security
Script Writing 3D Printing
Time Management Go Kart Plans
Brain Training Retro Video Games
TEFL Adult Board Games
Learn Spanish Sports Betting
Learn French Model Ship Building
Learn Chinese Computer Building
House Plans Writing Poetry
Fashion Design Fly Fishing
iPhone Photography
Private Investigator
Home Brewing
Astral Projections
Pokemon Go
Learn Guitar
Palm Reading
Lawn Care
House Sitting
Learn to Rap
Learn to Sing
Urban Farming
Cigar Lovers
Tiny Houses
Tattoo Designs
Shed Plans
Car Auctions
Knitting Patterns
Background Checks
Beard Care
Army Training
RC Planes & Drones
Vegetable Gardening
Hang Gliding
Cake Decorating
Scuba Diving
Card Tricks
Bow Hunting
Dream Interpretation
Identity Theft
Candle Making


Spirituality Alternative
Yoga NLP
Meditation Mentalism
NLP Numerology
Pilates Astral Projections
Law of Attraction Palm Reading
Dream Interpretation Reiki

Here is another huge list of niche ideas

Narrowing Down

The above list is by no means a comprehensive list. Just imagine how many niche phrases you could come up with by narrowing these niches down again and again. You could have enough subjects to make thousands of niche websites.

If you can think of a niche that is not on the lists above, please contact me either with the contact form below or in the comment box below. I will add them to my lists for other readers to see.

My niche is “making money online” and “working from home” these 2 niches go hand in hand. I have sub-niches too that I can use from the above 2 niches. I promote a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which is an affiliate marketing training platform that also has an affiliate program attached to it. So I can promote the training platform to individuals that want to learn affiliate marketing and I can also promote this platform for its affiliate program. So it’s a win-win situation.

When looking for programs to promote within your niche, try and find the ones that give you the most value as in Wealthy Affiliate. Good Luck.

For more information on Wealthy Affiliate go here. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and I look forward to speaking soon.



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