A Review on Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a well-known tool. It will investigate sites and research keywords, a quick inquiry on the net will show various reviews. For the most part, the dominant part of these reviews doesn’t generally dive deep into the working of Traffic Travis. For this review on Traffic Travis, I need to investigate how precisely this apparatus will influence your Internet marketing strategy.

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What Traffic Travis Can Do

The main thing to tell you is that Traffic Travis is in reality, free. Well, it isn’t completely free, you have to pay to open certain features. Although quite a bit of what you get for nothing can come in extremely relevant.

The point is to offer Internet marketers essential data about their subject/topic and those competing within that topic. It isn’t just intended to give you keywords. You can get numerous devices that will break down keywords for you. With Traffic Travis you will be given indispensable data on different sites out there within your topic. Also subtle elements on Pay Per Click and SEO information.

A Rundown of What you can Expect from Traffic Travis

Research Into Keywords. This component is a major hit everywhere throughout the net. This works by just using an inquiry term you have picked and giving you 20-2000 keywords in respect of that search term. This is a completely automized feature and takes into account Yahoo! Bing and Google to furnish you with exact information on every one of them. You at this point you need to save these keywords and use them when you have to, you can also alter them with the helpful keyword sorter and remove those that aren’t working for you.

Research into Search Engine Optimization

Have you at any point thought about how certain keywords may influence your site. This should be possible with Traffic Travis. Type in a domain name and your keywords list and you will be is shown how every keyword ranks in every one of the search engines. There will have a lot of exceptionally valuable information to glance through.

You can also take a look at Page Analysis that will take a look at destinations and give you some fundamental SEO data.

You will be given information on the page ranking, traffic positions, links, header information, meta tags and the best keywords for each page on your site. Essentially it will reveal to you how great your SEO is and demonstrate to you where you require change. A turquoise banner with the word PPC


Pay Per Click Data


No matter what Traffic Travis review you read you will be told how important this area of Traffic Travis is. Your list of keywords will be analyzed and you will be told which sites are top for every keyword those that are the most popular for each advertising group and what number of advertisements there are with that phrase. With this data, you will know precisely which phrases work and who your opposition is.


The analysis that Traffic Travis offers is precious, you will discover all that you need to know at any point about SEO information, you will know which sites are top for every keyword phrase, the age of the site, backlinks, page positions, title tags, directory postings and whatever else you would need to know. With this analysis, you will have the capacity to change your site with a successful one and roll out the changes that are required.


This Traffic Travis review you have recently read ought to have clarified essentially what advantages you can hope to pick up from using this device.  How it can make your life simpler and your site better. With the right usage of Traffic Travis, you can discover where you are failing in your SEO methods and make the improvements necessary, with the use of keywords. With the investigation of your competitor, you can give your PPC campaign a big boost too.

When you consider what this tool brings to the table the small price tag appears nothing. What’s more, the free version gives a great deal of valuable data you can use. Everything Traffic Travis has to offer will adjust the manner in which you do your Internet marketing for the better. I ask you to at least take a look at the free version now. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

There are an array of such tools on the internet nowadays. They all claim to do similar jobs as to what Traffic Travis does. When choosing such tools be sure to do research on them as we have done here with Traffic Travis. If a free version is offered give it a whirl to see if it lives up to it’s expectations. This in essence is like a free trial.


NAME:                                Traffic TravisA thumbs up

COST:                                Free

COST PRO:                       $97

USEFULNESS:                  10/10

EASE OF USE:                   Easy

INSTALLATION:                 Very Easy


I cannot find any cons for this tool.

To be sure of the popularity of Traffic Travis do a search on google for SEO software and you will find that this tool is ranked on the first page in the top results. That says enough in itself.

So what we have defined here is that on the whole Traffic Travis is an all-round great tool to invest in.

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Please feel free to leave your comments below if you have used Traffic Travis. What you liked about it and what you didn’t like about it.

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2 thoughts on “A Review on Traffic Travis

  1. Thanks Lanu for your comment. You will love Traffic Travis. It’s a great tool. Please do download the free version at least to see it in action for yourself.

  2. Thanks Janet for this write up. You will not believe it if I tell you that I have never heard of Traffic Travis before this review. Looks like it is worth trying out, traffic and SEO being the major inpediment of marketers to being discovered online. Thanks again for bringing this up and keep up the good work.

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