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Twitter for Business – Why use Twitter?

Whether you have already started to figure out how to use Twitter for business. Or you are feeling that uncomfortable pressure of knowing you should be doing something. But you just don’t seem to be able to get the motivation. Read on and you will find some useful and actionable tips. 

Many business owners, even when they use Twitter regularly, really don’t understand how to use Twitter for business. Many are even successfully using other social media marketing, like Facebook or LinkedIn, but Twitter is still a mystery.

Think about it like this, Twitter is like a great big networking party. You can jump in and join the fun anytime you want. You will come across a wide variety of people, some of whom could be prospects or connections for you, and some for whom you will be a prospect or a good connection, and some who won’t be either. The important thing is that you log in, and you participate, you share and your support.

Twitter for business can be an extremely powerful relationship building, relationship management, and customer service tool. Sharing great content to Twitter can also drive an influx of traffic to your site, giving you the opportunity to convert those visitors into leads, and nurture those leads into customers. The latter is the primary way I use Twitter.

Show Up

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This is simple. If you don’t have an account, or you only get on Twitter a couple of times a week, your results will be minimal. It’s the same as networking if you don’t get to the event, or once you are there, you hang out in the back of the room without talking to anyone, you won’t make any connections. 

Be Yourself

Social media networking, just like real networking, is about being a real person. Share information about yourself just like you would if you were having a regular conversation at first you might not get many responses, but as you are consistent, you’ll get more and more. 

Don’t Be All About Business

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If you showed up to a networking event and only blabbed at people about what you do and what you sell, you’d be standing alone in a corner mighty quickly. The same thing is true when you are learning how to use Twitter for your business you can’t just push, push, push. You need to show a real interest in other people, share common personal interests, support others, make connections for them, and they’ll do the same for you. 

Make It About Them

You’ll get a lot more out of both live and online networking if you concentrate a large portion of your efforts on supporting others. Then when it’s time for you to begin sharing something you are doing, they will help support you. If you’re not sure what to tweet about, find someone to interact with and support, it’ll make everything easier and before long you’ll be using Twitter for business and pleasure easily and frequently. 

Be Consistent

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Again, as with a live networking organization or series of events, if you show up once a year you’ll meet a couple of people, but you won’t build any deep, lasting relationships (which are the foundation of every business). It’s the same thing when you are learning how to use Twitter for business you need to participate regularly.

The best would be to be involved daily, or at least 4-5 times a week. Because of the fast pace and the short messages, Twitter moves at a really good speed, so only getting on every few days or once a week will be like showing up at an event once or twice a year. Remember, the more you participate, the more you will build relationships, the more you share and give, the more you will get out of it in the end.

Twitter Search

You may or may not have heard of Twitter Search. In fact, people are saying that Google is the search engine of yesterday, while Twitter is the search engine of now. Why? Because the Twitter search engine tells you what’s happening now rather than what was happening a couple of hours or days ago. So if you’re a business, it would be in your best interests to see which keywords are being used right now, so that you can respond to market demand.

Being Helpful

There are already many businesses out there which are successfully using Twitter to improve customer service. A good example is what some airlines are doing in posting any announcements regarding flights on their Twitter account. In addition, the customer is able to ask questions and get them answered relatively quickly. So if you’re a business and would like to be even more helpful to your customers, then knowing how to use Twitter for business will keep achieving these objectives.

Customer Interaction

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Twitter allows you to accumulate followers so that they see what you are tweeting. This gives you an opportunity to ask your clients what they want so that you respond to their needs and generate more business. So if you’re a business, a question that you could ask is “what is your most burning question about (insert topic)? You would be surprised by the number of people who are willing to reply.

The most important thing to remember in all of this is interacting online is just like interacting face to face. Hence, you should not treat your customers in a different manner when you learn how to use Twitter for business.

Attraction Marketing

Be sure your Twitter account profile is attractive and says something about you. Use a photo of yourself, not an avatar or company logo.

Remember, branding is still very important here as on any other networking site. So if use the same photo across all of your profiles, people will get to know you.

 Add Eye-Catching Photos to Your Tweets.

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Twitter allows photos to be uploaded to status updates (tweets) too, so when possible, it’s a good idea to upload a relevant image in every few tweets.

Don’t include a link with every status update.

#quote is a very popular hashtag, so along with trends, use an interesting quote without a link to any other site.

 As for Links –  Mix Them Up – Get Personal

Don’t just use the same link to the same landing page all the time. Link to a relevant blog post, a favorite or new YouTube video and different landing pages or business opportunities.

People on Twitter like variety. Every few tweets, add something simple and personal.

Here’s an example – Had a dinner date with hubby. Great to take some time off work and enjoy the evening.

Your personal tweet without a link can be about anything; what your cat just did, how much snow your area is getting, where you took your last vacation etc.

Personal tweets are something that just adds a little more about you so your followers will get to know you, and so you’ll get even more followers.

Say something about one of the Twitter trending topics.

Scan the list of trending topics on the sidebar. Find something interesting and say something about it, like your opinion on the topic, and be sure to use the #hashtag in your tweet.

 Ideas for Marketing your Business

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Remember, not every post needs to have a link! The key to marketing here is the same as it is on every social networking site.

You will get more followers, signups or sales when you allow people to get to know, like and trust you.

Here are some simple things you can do to effectively market your business on Twitter:

  • Share something about a new app or tool you use
  • Share a Facebook post to start up a conversation
  • Talk about an event that’s coming up in your area, like a tradeshow or community event.
  • Create coupons for a discount on your services or products
  •  Interact with your followers

Respond to followers who mention you in their tweets or retweets (RT) one of your posts. A simple Thanks for the mention or Thanks for the ReTweet goes a long way.

 Avoid Auto-Follow and Auto Direct Messages

You do not have to follow everyone who follows you. It’s best to simply check your followers a couple of times a week and follow them back if you want to.

For example, there are some “adult-related” members who follow me but I don’t want to see graphic adult-rated images on my feed, so I don’t follow them back. And if they eventually unfollow you because you haven’t followed them, that’s fine.

A Few Marking Tips

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1. Special Coupon Offer

Distribute Twitter-only coupons, and your most loyal customers will flock to you. Not only do you identify your hottest buyers from the rest, but you also got a brand new marketing channel to reach out to prospects you otherwise are not able to reach.

2. Local List Builder

Local marketing is a new rage. It’s a little know fact Twitter is a really potent local marketing tool. You can search for a particular locale using the Twitter search engine, and follow tons of people who are in your area. Develop a relationship, get easy consultation gigs that are a lucrative Twitter business strategy right there.

3. Authority SEO

Your Twitter account is a haven maker where you can become an authority in your niche, how much more will that effect be quadrupled when you pair it up with SEO success. Even though your tweets may not have link juice, but because of its high PageRank, you’re able to rank in the front page of Google with a few measly backlinks.

4. No Distances

Any marketer worth their salt is looking to network with other marketers. That’s why marketing experts are saying conferences are the best ways to form strategic alliances that will lead to cash in the pocket. Twitter makes that easy by cutting away the distance and time issues and makes connections easy. Twitter is the Country Club of the Internet.

5. Trending 

One key factor in a Twitter marketing campaign’s success is relevancy. The more in tune you are with your prospect’s needs, the more sales you will make. Plain and simple. The best way is to again go to Twitter trending topics, see what people are talking about and tailor your marketing messages around them. You’ll see response rates go up.

I hope you enjoyed my article “Twitter for business” if you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments box or the contact me for below.



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