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Viral Marketing Trends That Can Treble Your Traffic

The idea of viral marketing is straightforward. Imagine a product that is so convincing, so fascinating, so profitable, that any person who interacts with it instantly wants to tell somebody about it (or everybody) about it they know.

At the end of the day, it’s like a viral money making machine.A laptop with an arm holding a bag of money pulling out of the laptop and money floating around the laptop

Once that product is out there, it takes on a life of its own, spreading and increasing like some great yet non-threatening infection.

There are various techniques that can be used for viral marketing. Here are 3 effective methods you can implement.

1. Content that is significant, helpful, engaging, and so on.

2. Information about you, your business, as well as your products

3. Passing the viral product along to other people

Here are a few cases of viral marketing techniques

  • Provide a free ebook that the visitor can download from your site.
  • Provide a free ebook that the visitor can brand with their own data before they distribute it.
  • Write and distribute your own particular articles that are specifically identified with your website and products.
  • Syndicate your blog or newsletter content through RSS.
  • Place an interesting instructional video on your site.
  • Place quizzes on your website
  • Offer emails

There’s no limit to the techniques in which viral marketing can be implemented. The main criteria are that visitors can either inform other people regarding it or they can actually pass it along to another person.

Beyond that, the virus can practically spread itself. Which is precisely what you want to happen.animated image of 2 faces talking to each other

The genuine advantage of any popular promoting strategy is the way that you just need to set it in motion only once. From this point, it becomes word of mouth that multiplies by itself.

Keep on promoting your viral method whenever and wherever you want to.

List your free ebook in as many download areas and directories as possible.

Visiting forums and telling the readers about your ebook, your interesting video, you have access to (without breaking any of the forum rules).

Executing and enhancing keyword website improvements for pages that are related with your viral marketing techniques (simply like you would any of your other website pages).

Viral marketing strategies if used correctly can get a lot of targeted traffic.

A man in a beanie and looking at a rolling snowball
Viral Marketing Techniques

Like a snowball effect, the following guidelines are a good idea to adhere to as it will enable you to accomplish the most from viral marketing.

Above all else, you have to provide something that is both unique and interesting. You want the best viral results, so you don’t want to distribute ebooks that have next to zero informative content.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it has to be poor quality. Rather, view the free ebook as one that you would put a decent price on. This way you will never give away an ebook that is inferior.

No matter what your viral product is an ebook, report, interesting video, make sure it’s something people will talk about and share with everybody they know.

Another imperative factor includes thinking outside the viral box

The most widely used strategy for getting your content out there is to use free ebooks. Be that as it may, video and audio marketing is increasingly getting more popular. These two methods specifically have as of late picked up a lot of prominence. Try to take full advantage of these 2 markets and you could see a huge jump in your viral marketing results.

If you make video’s here is where you can get the most exposure.

Be inventive with respect to how you get the word out. Here is a list of the more creative approaches for doing that.

·Get your product listed on all websites that offer free downloads.

·If your item is an ebook, submit it to as many ebook directories as possible.

·Create a variant of your item that individuals can brand with their own particular data before distribution.

Boost Your Website Traffic

Lots of traffic with high rise buildings the the left and right

Smashwords ebook distributor

·Sell your viral item on eBay, for a small charge which incorporates rights to either resell it or give it away.

The objective is to get your viral product(s) in as many hands as possible. The more people who see it/them, the more they’ll pass it along. The more they pass it along, the more benefits you’ll accomplish.


Articles are one of only a few things that can perform two extraordinary and similarly powerful tasks.

They can either be the viral marketing item or they can be the tool that promotes your viral marketing items.

The Viral Product

It’s vital to get your article broadly circulated. So to achieve this, you first need to begin with an article that webmasters, newsletter owners, and other online clients actually want to distribute.

Some will distribute your article on their website, others will distribute the article in their newsletters, and others will feel obliged to pass it along.

If you don’t write quality articles, obviously, none of that will occur. Then again, if it does, the outcomes will be poor.

To get the most benefit from articles, you have to pick top rate and compelling subjects. You will need to give your readers a great solution to a problem, or what they think is a problem. Traffic lights and the words get more traffic to your website or blog fast

Here are 2 titles that offer some extremely desirable content.

Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days Or Less Without Pills Or Surgery 

15 Ways To Generate Massive Site Traffic Without Spending A Dime

Obviously, you will need to follow up on these subjects with great content that the title promises. This is what makes people want to distribute it, circulate it, and pass it along to other people.

However, getting the article circulated over the Internet doesn’t do you much good if there’s nothing in it that leads back to you, your business, or the items or products you’re selling.

That is the reason the article subjects you pick should be related to the product you are promoting.

The content of the article should incorporate your website address, links, affiliate links, product URL and a download link to a free ebook, also an opt-in link.

You will need to incorporate these links to your website in a way that they don’t look like blatant ads. For example.

For more tips and information on the most effective and safe way to lose weight take a look at “The New You” Newsletter (link here). If you’d like more information, you can download a free report entitled “How To Lose Weight Without Exercising” (link here)

The point is, the content of the article you compose should be:

1. Related to a particular viral product

2. Lead to the viral product

A hand holding fanned out money notesThe more value the article has, the more it will get distributed, and the more visitors will access your viral product. This means your viral product will be seen on a greater scale.

As a result, you will get more traffic which leads to more sales and ultimately profit.

The Viral Ebook

Of all the viral techniques possible, circulating free ebooks is the most well-known. What’s more, the most effective.

A few websites insist that a person give their name and email address before being able to download the product. This may be a good idea for increasing your email list but it can truly diminish the number of individuals who want to access the ebook.

Remember that we are essentially targeting people that want to access the ebook. It would be best to find some other method to pick up email addresses for your list for this campaign anyway.

Creating your Free Ebook

Writing your own ebook content can be a somewhat overwhelming task, particularly for somebody who doesn’t feel at home doing that kind of thing.

But the other option is to hire somebody to do the writing for you. It would be to your greatest advantage to do it yourself. Who knows you may be astounded how simple it may be.

Step1: Pick A Subject

Sometimes, this can turn out to be more challenging than the content itself. Let’s be honest. Without an “awesome” theme, you don’t have much chance of creating an ebook that individuals will want to distribute.

There are many directions your content could take. There are 2 that stand out.

1. It guarantees the reader a solution.

2. It advises the reader precisely how to achieve it. For example:

The theme is “lose weight rapidly and safely” The title of the digital book is “Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days Or Less Without Pills Or Medical procedure”. The content of the ebook should tell the reader how they can do that.

Or on the other hand

The subject is “free website traffic”. The title is “15 Different ways To Produce Enormous Site Activity Without Spending A Dime”. The content should list what those 15 different ways are and explain how to implement every one of them.

When picking a subject, think ahead. Would you be able to think of a truly fantastic title with a specific subject? Would you be able to gather some extremely unique content for that subject?

If your answer is no, pick something else.

Step 2: Research your subject

Make a shortlist of keywords that are specifically related to the subject you’ve picked. Then do research for every one of those terms.

What you’re searching for is quality information about your subject. It may be articles, web content, or some other type of written information.

It’s a good idea to print out the information gathered.

Read this information over and over until you feel you know the subject inside out.

When you feel as if you know the subject you can start to prepare your content.

Step 3: Make A Table of Contents

If you’re writing about how to lose weight, you will need to break down the main topic into sub-categories. These might be such things as food choices, workouts, and mental attitude.

If your ebook covers 15 different ways to create free traffic, you should make a list of those strategies so you know precisely what sub-topics you’ll be writing about.

The more specific you can be about how the general content will be organized, the less demanding it will be when you start writing. Don’t forget that you will need to put your links in the article so organize this as well.

Step 4: Write the Content

The main advantage of having your content organized in a clear and concise way with your table of contents is the fact that you only simply need to fill in the blanks as such.

You don’t have to start writing at the beginning of the ebook. Start writing wherever you feel more confident write whatever you can and after that move to another area. Continue doing that until you’ve filled in as much of your content as possible.

If you are struggling to come up with content, go back to your printed out information and re-read it. This should give you the lift you need to carry on writing.

Step 5: Edit and proofread

What you’ve written ought to be thought about as a simple first draft. It’s imperative not to labor over the writing style at this stage.

After you’ve written the general content you can go over it and start putting corrections in. Keep editing until you are happy with the results.

Double check every small detail of your content until you feel it’s ready for publishing.

Make certain your ebook has been checked and re-checked and is prepared for distribution. Both as far as content and any URL locations and business data you’ve included.

You have two options when compiling an ebook, PDF or EXE design.

The vast majority pick PDF, mainly because it’s a universal format that Windows and Mac clients can access with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader comes installed on most PCs, opening and reading a PDF ebook isn’t an issue.

If Adobe Reader isn’t installed, it’s just a question of downloading a free copy from the Adobe website.

Adobe Reader

There are different programs too like



Online services like that enable you to make PDF ebooks for free.

Neevia PDF Converter

Docu Bar PDF converter

The other format is, EXE, it is more regularly used for brandable ebooks.

These can be created, using any number of compiler programs, some come with their own branding software.

Compilers are not free and can cost a lot of cash.

Ebook compiler software

You can also brand PDF ebooks however you’ll have to buy a different program.

viral pdf

Viral Digital book Tips

Enable the reader to print your viral ebook. Many people like to read content in print format. What’s more, they’re probably going to refer to it more frequently.

Look for products that are compatible with the subject of your ebook. Contact the owners and offer them the chance to give your ebook away. Both on their website and through their newsletter (if they have one). To sweeten the deal, agree to let them brand a version that they will personally distribute to their visitors and customers.

Submit your ebook to online directories. Here are a few of the more prominent ones

ebook directory

free ebooks


Jogena ebook directory

wisdom ebooks

For more resources, do a search using the term “Ebook Directory”

RSS Feeds

Some people think that an RSS Feed is for adding content to their websites. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it allows content to be updated regularly. This is great when you are trying to please the search engines.

RSS Feeds can be a great type of viral marketing as well. As long as it’s your feed that being distributed throughout the internet.

If you publish a newsletter, work at a blog, write articles, or update your site content every day or week you have the ideal foundation for creating and distributing your own RSS feeds.

For each website that places your RSS content on their page, you have another backlink to your own website. Plus, you’ll be able to present your feeds to RSS directories.  A RSS feed banner in orange


rss feeds


complete rss

For data on making your own particular RSS feeds, there’s an extensive article entitled “Making A RSS feed” by Danny Sullivan. You can find it on the Search Engine Watch website.

Search Engine Watch


Let’s hope this article has given you some ideas and inspiration to generate traffic using the viral marketing system. The viral marketing system works if you apply it correctly. It’s not a get rich quick scheme or a done for you system. It takes work and time. What we are doing, in fact, is building a solid foundation for the coming months and years. Why you may ask? It will give you more exposure and online presence.Banner 1 half dark blue with writing saying are you a network marketer the other half has a man with a fistful of money

To your future success.

If you have any questions please ask away on the comment form below.

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I hope you found “Viral marketing trends that can triple your traffic” helpful.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments area or the contact form.



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