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What is a Lead Capture Page? and Why you Need One

What is a lead capture page? Have you ever clicked on a link to get a free ebook, and you wind up on a page that reveals to you how incredible the ebook is, and it gives you a form to enter your name and email address to get the book? That is a lead capture page. 

Why you need a lead capture page

Visitors need a reason to opt into your email list. It’s not a good idea to just put “click here” and take them to a signup page for your offer.

By using a lead capture page you can briefly explain what your offer is and the benefits of joining or signing up.

The visitor can then make up their own minds if they want to signup or join in your offer.

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Different names for lead capture pages

There are a few different names for a lead capture page that basically all mean the same thing.

  • Lead Magnet Page
  • Squeeze Page
  • Landing Page

The meaning of these terms when it boils down to it is much the same.

Squeeze Page

The reason it’s known as a “squeeze” page is on account of it “squeezes your visitors, into opting into your list by giving their name and email address since there is no other choice on the page.

Landing Page

This really speaks for itself, when you click on a certain link say to go to another website it will take you to a page IE: a landing page.

That landing page may not be to obtain your email address as such. Somewhere on that page will be an opt-in form though and the message of that landing page may want you to opt-in to get more information. This will most probably be a sales page.

Lead Magnet Page

This is usually an offer like free software, free trial, etc and visitors are drawn to these offers like a magnet. The only way to get this offer is to opt-in and leave your name and email address.

Making a Quality Capture Page that Converts

Here is a good example of a lead capture page/sales page

Highly targeted visitors are what you are after obtaining here. The important rule of making a quality capture page is to not distract the visitor. This means one page for one offer. There need to be no ads or affiliate links, no sidebars, headers or footers just the offer itself.

Your goal here is to make your capture page awesome with an irresistible offer. The appearance of your page is important but the offer is crucial. Below are the important features that you will need to include on your capture page.

  • Headline
  • Sub-Headline
  • A few bullets Points
  • An Image
  • Opt-in Button.

The headline will be where your offer will be its title. The subheading will be what the offer does or will do, (for your visitors) (the benefits) then throw in a few bullet points and of course a great image and opt-in button.

landing page sample image

Image source

  1. Use WOW factor…  You need to draw them in with some eye-catching words or phrases like “Discover”, “Revealed”, “Never Seen Before”, and “First Time Ever”.
  2. Solves a problem…  You should clearly define what problem you are solving and why.  Some examples may be “Discover how to generate 5 leads a day with no ad cost using this one simple strategy.”
  3. Clearly stated…  You need to clearly state what they are getting.  Now, this can be supplemented by using the appropriate image.  Either way, it should be clearly stated if it’s a pdf, eBook, report, video, video series, etc.
  4. States benefits…  Make sure it is clear what the benefits are.  This can be done using words like “so you can” as in “so you can have more free time” or “so you can get leads on autopilot”.
  5. Has HOOK…  A great way to introduce the hook is by using the word without.  For example “ get sales on autopilot without having to spend all day on your computer” or “without having to create ad after ad”.

More Tips

Wording or “copy” as it’s called in the writing world, has to be convincing and persuading enough to get the visitor to click the link. There are a few different ways of doing this.

  • The Reminder… Pop-ups that pop up when a visitor is leaving a page that reminds them they have forgotten to opt into your offer.
  • The copy and paste… This encourages a visitor to copy and paste your free offer.
  • Fill in the blank Question… A strategy whereby you ask the visitor to fill in the blank IE: “Use………..?” and explain how this will drive visitors to your offer.
  • Plus…  Plus you will also receive …………..offer” This will entice them to click your link even more so. Everyone loves free items.

Tips, Secrets, and Tricks for a Successful Page.

lead capture page banner

Image Source

Now let’s cover a few procedures that can move your own page from average quality to an email lead gathering machine. For more attention-grabbing consider the following.

  1. Social Proof
  2. Two-step opt-in
  3. Great Images
  4. Bullets
Social Proof can be in the form of testimonials of happy and grateful customers. Readers comments can even be proof of your products. Someone of influence or authority that praises your lead capture page.
A sample of a testimonial

“One Word For Them As Affiliates – SUPERB!”

“I’ve worked with Simon and Jeremy for years and have only one word for them as affiliates – SUPERB! These guys know the affiliate game very well and are able to convert massive sales thanks to their incredible promotion pages. Thanks, Guys. You Rock!”


2 Step opt-in

Most capture pages that webmasters use are the one step opt-in page. The two-step opt-in can work for you better than a one-page opt-in page.


A two-step has a click me now button or something similar which when clicked will take you to the page with the opt-in form, hence the name two-step. By only asking visitors to click a button which is an easy thing to do, for them and for you, once they click on the button they have committed themselves to whatever it is you are offering.


This may be familiar to you if you have been working online for some time. Some websites where you can find free stock photo’s and pictures are of really good quality. Of course, you can always use your own. The more popular free stock photo websites are:




Then there are places like Canva where you can design your own images. If by any chance none of these websites work for you then maybe head over to Fiverr where you can outsource and get someone to make a design for you at a low cost.


red bulletsWhen making bullets be specific without letting your visitors know your page can help them.  Try using a different slant completely. IE… Tell them you can show them a system that will do such-and-such a thing. For example, an ad that has made you $……………. money. This has to be truthful don’t lie.

Spark curiosity by using the “you forgot” tactic. Curiosity is human nature your visitors will want to know what they have supposed to have forgotten.

This can be done with a pop-up.

Let visitors know that once they opt into your email list they will have access to your offer immediately.

 You Need Visitors Email Addresses

It’s a good idea also to have a reason to obtain visitors email addresses and tell them why you need it. This could be in the form of an email course or other material you want to send to them. Let them know how long the course will last, for the next week, month or longer.

Always have an unsubscribe button on your page. This goes for everything you send to your email address. Knowing they can unsubscribe at any given time puts your reader’s mind at ease.

As people consume information and data in small doses it’s a really good idea to let them enroll themselves in your email course. Most people are busy these days so don’t set up a capture page that is too long in reading or listening.

a hand one finger pointing to and envelope

It’s also human nature to not want to read all the information if it’s too long. Keep it short and simple without missing out on the message you want to get across.

The opt-in form on your page should also be short a name and email address is all that is needed. It’s so much easier for your prospective customer to fill out. At this time it’s a good idea to remind the visitor what it is they are signing up for.

It could be worded like.” give me access” “send me the course now” or”send me my free tips” it all depends on your offer what you say to remind visitors.

It’s a proven fact that the above techniques have worked for webmasters in the past. If you are finding that some of these methods are not working for you, just try tweaking them a little. Put an extra word here or take a word out of a sentence there. It’s about trial and error, so go for it.

So why do we need lead capture pages? to obtain email addresses, but that’s not all, they help convert visitors into customers.

Lastly, if you don’t know how to build a lead capture page meaning the technical side of building one. Then you may want to learn it or outsource it. It’s that simple.

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I hope you found “What is a lead capture page and why you need one” informative.

Please feel free to contact me via the comments box below or the contact me form below.



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