What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?- And a Simple way to Build One

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Mobile friendly, responsive websites are the key to building a brand. They give relevant content to your audience. In today’s digital world, the consumer has become smart.

They spend less and less time going through detailed websites and use their cell phones to access the content. So what is a mobile-friendly website?

The world is coming up with more and more brands, and more and more content. We all reach for our cell phones, waiting for the bus to arrive, or for food to finish warming up in the microwave. The mobile phone has become attached to us like a second limb.A mans hand holding a mobile phone

People don’t like to wait for information. Easier domain names, quicker content blocks that are easy to read, and fast loading websites on cell phones, all help. Studies indicate that 32% of consumers would abandon a website if it is slow. Studies also indicate that the bounce rate can be improved by 30% if the page size is reduced, and site speed is improved.

A Responsive Website

A mobile-friendly responsive website helps your audience to view your website on various platforms and screens, from laptops and phones to tablets.

The delivery of content changes but the purpose of the content does not. Do you know that there are more than four billion people on this planet with cell phones? This means that a lot of your target audience lies in the realm of accessing your website through a cell phone.

Responsive websites mean that the structure of the website can change and adapt to the size of the screen. The user can have a better user experience in accessing your website than if it did not adapt to the type and size of the screen. The website can look good on different screens like a cell phone, a tablet or a laptop as well.

Google Algorithms

Some key elements to take care of include avoiding Flash, and to resize your text instantly based on the type of screen accessing the website. To improve this user experience and to make the website responsive, all your Google’s search algorithms target websites that are mobile-friendly and responsive. The algorithms that came into place in 2015, give higher ranking to websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. For good SEO, SEO on dominoesmobile-friendly websites are a must.

As a brand, having a mobile-friendly, responsive website means that you capture more users in your target niche. Any user who is not accessing your website on their computer or laptop can easily access your website on their cell phone.

This means that the net of your user base can be broadened. Cutting edge design based on modern design principles makes the website appealing to users. With a strong mobile-friendliness, your website has a better brand image as well.

How to Get Your Website To Be Mobile Friendly

The easiest and quickest way to get a website that is mobile friendly would be to pick up a pre-designed theme from a developers’ website. Below are 3 to choose from.

WordPress…..Mobile Plugin There is also an upgrade option and the price starts from $79 per year.

Joomla…..Mobile Extension Joomla has some exciting new features to choose from.

Drupal….. Mobile Theme Drupal has an option for added mobile tools.

There are more options to choose from but these 3 are the best choices.

If you opt to use any of the above, then check your website before and after using it. The difference may astound you.

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website – Other Options

There is another option that you could choose. That is making a duplicate website. This means you will have 2 websites 1 for desktop and 1 for mobile. It’s not the ideal solution but if you want to go for this option you can use Duda Mobile.

You should always double-check the different versions on screens to ensure that the website shows perfectly well. If you or your developer decide on modifying the CSS, then you should ensure that responsiveness is not impacted.

GoDaddy’s GoCentral

GoCentral is another option it is a website builder that integrates marketing tools based on ideas and industries. Type in things like hairstylist or plumber and GoCentral will “produce a near-complete website, pre-filled with relevant sections and professional images.” There are more than 1,500 ideas and industries supported.A cartoon head with green glasses with the words go daddy

These sites are built to look good on any medium, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone. But the focus for GoCentral isn’t site design, it’s meant to help people get activity updates and feedback on how users can improve their engagement results. All of this happens thanks to GoCentral’s “smart algorithms and machine learning,” which adapts to users for prime optimization. Pricing starts from $8.99 per month.

If you’re a beginner and new to website building. It is better to build a mobile-friendly website at the beginning rather than later, here you will find a related article on how to do just that.

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites need to have a few key elements that you should take care of. These websites usually have a singular column, with the menu becoming more condensed for easier navigation. Colors remain the same but images are reduced to improve speed and navigation of the website. Websites generally also have links and URLs displayed in a manner that is easy to navigate.

If you are not interested in a predesigned theme, you could also work on the CSS yourself, or hire a developer who has expertise in building mobile-friendly websites. Don’t forget to always check samples to see if the developer has the experience in building websites that display well on mobile.

Mobile Optimization Best Practices

Page speed is key to mobile usage of your website. The brand-building includes several things in today’s world. One key is having a high-speed website that is quick to load on a mobile device. Some key areas to take care of include cache, image sizes, and redirects.A man running a top speed

The cache can help load the website faster, while smaller, more optimized images and lower redirects can also boost page speed.

Here is the Google website to test your mobile device for speed

Avoid elements on your website that can impact the bad user experience. These include Flash, pop-ups, and intricate designs. If you need to show special effects, try HTML5 instead. ( HTML5 is the latest feature to HTML) Popups do not display well on mobile sites and are difficult to close.

Complicated designs can be difficult to navigate for people with smaller screen sized phones. Use CSS to develop site display options and themes so that the website can adapt itself to different screens.

A short description….. CSS is the language for describing the presentation of Web pages, including colors, layout, and fonts. It allows one to adapt the presentation to different types of devices, such as large screens, small screens, or printers. It is independent of HTML and can be used with any XML-based markup language.

Universe a Mobile-Only Website Builder

A picture of the world from space

A new approach to building mobiles. The companies for developing websites and publishing online is a crowded one. Dependent avid sites like WordPress, Wix, Zoho, Weebly, Duda Mobile, Squarespace, and the like are competing towards more recent entrants like Medium and the likes of LinkedIn.

Universe, a startup that hopes its cellular-first approach for building “mild” sites on a cell, and the pitch are that these will also be inbuilt within minutes, can provide it a unique foothold out there.

Universe, which is based out of Brooklyn, Manhattan, is today launching its first app, for iOS, with $3.2 million in funding from standard Catalyst, Greylock companions from its development and seed fund, Eniac Ventures and led by box neighborhood. Impressive.

Universe founder Joseph Cohen observed that he envisions Universe websites to be the sort of factor you could locate linked on a profile web page. He also envisions that more and more of the net’s content will be created on mobile.

Wrapping up

As most, if not all adults and some minors have mobile phones (cell phones). It is vital to have any website you have built optimized to be mobile-friendly. Take a look at your google analytics to see how many of your visitors use their mobiles to access your website. You will find it to be quite a lot. So the proof is in the pudding or so they say.

Mobile is here to stay so get your website optimized sooner rather than later. It is for your reader’s benefit and also your benefit as the website owner. Remember the more visitors to your website means more conversions. So do it now.

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