What is a Niche?

So what is a niche? What does the word niche sum up in your mind? Anybody and everybody in the affiliate marketing business will know what a niche is. Not everybody will know though unless they are an affiliate marketer. If any affiliate marketer beginners are reading this I will let you know exactly what a niche is in simple terms.

Online English Dictionary below

Collins English Dictionary meaning of niche

A niche is a topic or subject, that seems simple enough. It could also be a subtopic.

Niche marketing involves targeting a specific market.

So what do I mean by a subject?

Niche Explained

We all took subjects at school, maths, English, history, geography and so on but I am talking about everyday subjects especially those in the “HOWTO” business.

How about subjects like Baby clothes, health & fitness, self-improvement, cars, pets, home improvement, the list goes on and on. These are some of the more popular niches, imagine if you could promote a niche that hasn’t been done before. This means no competition, the market would be yours to conquer. This, in fact, would be rare, but who knows, let your imagination run away with you, saying that, the niche may have been thought of before and it may be the fact that there is no money in that particular niche market. So these are the options you need to think about.

More often than not a niche you choose will be something you are interested in or have knowledge of. This, in fact, is a great idea as you know your subject (niche) inside out hopefully. There will be those who have no idea what their strengths are, so ask yourself this “What do I like or love doing in my life” if you answer this question then you could have solved your problem of what niche is best for you. It doesn’t matter how different you may think it is, go with it.

Watch this video made by James Francis from Digital Prosperity…..The 5-minute exercise to choose the perfect niche for you.

Of course, you can always do a simple task for yourself. This is to write down a list of everything that you are interested in, weird or wonderful it doesn’t matter. Go over your list and see if there are any problems that might emerge with any of them. You may whittle your list down you may not. So next we want to do research on your list. I like to use Google Trends, this will tell you what is popular at the moment and obviously what the trends are in a given area.

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You may want to know what your competitors are doing in a niche you have chosen and if your niche is profitable. To do this you will have to do plenty of research. There will be questions to ask yourself before you do any research on your competitors. Design of their website, keywords being used, the content of website good bad or reasonable, can you do any better. The questions can go on and on. There is a time when it’s just time to get on with it and start building your business.

OK, so you don’t think that the above niche you may have chosen is the right one for you then maybe think about your hobby if you have one or a sport you like and are involved with. There is no end to the subjects that you could choose for your affiliate marketing website or blog. There is a wealth of information everywhere you look.

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I knew someone that had a very keen hobby of “Military Modeling” no he didn’t do modeling in a military uniform. In fact, his hobby was making military models from a kit in scale form. Tanks and jeeps etc. he would build them and then paint them and eventually put them on a diorama.

A toy miniature tank on a diorama

His chosen hobby was in fact quite popular, but not overly competitive, so if at any time he decided to become an affiliate marketer and use military modeling as his niche he would be well-informed and able to answer any questions that his readers and customers had about his niche. This topic would make a great niche.


So it’s not just about plucking a subject out of thin air, it really is better if you know your subject and or willing to learn your subject.

If you do pick a niche you are not very familiar with (a unique niche) you will have to do research on the subject. It may take hours, days or even a week to research your niche. The thing is to get as much information as possible about your chosen niche and use it in your posts and blogs.

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Become an Expert in your Niche

Brand Yourself

Once you have chosen your hopefully unique niche you will need to find out who your potential customers are and will be in the future. This will be much easier if you are an expert in your field. Let your customers know who you are and what you are all about. Don’t be afraid of doing this, you want to build trust, honesty, and reliability.

Branding yourself is all about letting your customers know exactly what products or services you are selling, don’t leave them any room for doubt in your product. Learn your product or service inside out.

Dominoes with the word learn

Really hope this article is useful.

Whatever you decide I wish you success.

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