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NOTE: I have joined bUnited so I could do this more in-depth review.

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Name: bUnited

Website: bUnited Website (JOIN HERE)bUnited logo

Price: Free to Join

Founders: Jim Jorgensen & Johannes Pohle

Who is it for:  People who want to save the planet and get paid

Scam: NO

What Is bUnited.com?

Basically the founders of bUnited wanted a platform where people can join free and unite to help in the never-ending problem of climate warming.


bUnited believe that climate change is a crisis and they wanted to have a program that would help bUnited become huge as quickly as possible.

That is why bUnited has its Get Paid to Unite program.

 bUnited’s Projects:

 Reduce Climate Change Now

bUnited requires companies to immediately fund one of the climate change initiatives, whenever they make a sale to a bUnited member. Companies pay bUnited to support global impact programs, including planting trees and saving rainforests.

In addition, many companies will also do programs to clean our oceans, provide food to the hungry, and give healthcare where most needed.

Example: bUnited, with one of its partner companies, Deutsche Telekom, saved over 1,000,000 square meters of Amazon rainforest in 2018.

What is bunited.com

Save the Rainforests

The goal: 

Save 1 billion square meters of Amazon rainforest per year.
They support the Rainforest Foundation to save the Amazon Rainforest. They work with local communities to negotiate substantial rainforest land purchases and to make sure the rainforest is respected as a permanent resource.

Plant Trees

The goal:

Plant 1 million trees per year.
They support The Nature Conservancy to plant trees and offset carbon pollution. Not only do trees absorb CO₂, but they also store it in the wood, keeping it out of the air we breathe.

Additional Programs

Some partner companies do additional programs. bUnited also supports the following NGO programs. As they grow, they will add more programs.

Clean Plastic from the Oceans

The goal:

Remove 1 million kg of plastic from the oceans
They support The Ocean Cleanup project to remove plastics from the oceans. This is another urgent environmental need that will reduce the amount of plastic that is polluting, poisoning, and killing our fish and other marine life.

Provide Clean Drinking Water

The goal:

Give 1 million families clean water every week.
They support The Water Project to provide clean drinking water to families in need in Africa, Asia or South America to prevent diseases from contaminated water.

Serve Meals

The goal:

Feed one million children every week.
They support Feeding Children Everywhere to give free meals for children in need. bUnited’s belief is that this way they can do their contribution to reduce the number of children worldwide that are starving or suffering from severe malnutrition.

Provide Healthcare

The goal:

Vaccinate 1 million children per month.
They support UNICEF to provide medical aid to kids. The current program gives free life-saving vaccines to protect children that do not have access to medical aid, giving them the best chance at living a healthy life.

These are also in crisis, but if we do not save our planet from potential extinction we will not have anything to fix, so they see climate change at an even higher level of urgency.

So where does the money come from?

The money is provided by bUnited’s business partners. When members buy direct from these companies for example: phone, insurance, and electricity they can save enormous amounts of money in advertising and distribution costs. This helps companies to be able to pay bUnited and thus bUnited pay members.

Who gets this money?

Members who have referred new people to bUnited are eligible to get money in the Get Paid to Unite program. They reserve $10 USD in earnings for each person that is referred by another member. This is multiplied by an additional $10 USD for each member that people added within five degrees of separation from you. (Click here to see a detailed description of this.)

How is actual payment calculated and made?

Once a member has reserved some earnings do to their referring, they make that money available to be withdrawn when any of the referred people buy something from a bUnited partner company using the bUnited discounts.

They take one-third of what partner companies pay bUnited for that transaction and release it to the members who received reserve earnings when the purchasing member joined until each of those members receives the $10 USD they reserved originally.

Be inspired by the video below.


As bUnited grows, it uses its size to work with its partner companies to adopt more fair and sustainable business practices and to get their suppliers and sub-suppliers to do the same.

bUnited will be requiring serious operational changes to fight climate change at the corporate level. Companies will want to do this to keep bUnited, their biggest customer, happy and buying more from them.

The bigger bUnited gets, the more powerful their economic ‘voice’ becomes with all major companies. As the largest customer, they can then demand (and reward) companies for changes that the politicians and company shareholders are not demanding.

Your bUnited Account

Once you sign up and join bUnited your goal is to invite as many people as possible. As soon as somebody you invite joins, you will see a balance in your account under Reserved Earnings.

See the screenshot below.


bUnited provides you with 3 pre-written messages you can use to invite your friends. The messages automatically have your referral link attached to the message. This way it is easy to copy and paste into any campaigns you want to send out.

See the screenshot below.

bUnited 3 pre-written messages image

When Will I Get Paid?

You reserve your earnings now. Then you can withdraw your earnings over time.

Some people will be able to withdraw some earnings within 60 days. Most people will be able to withdraw some earnings later,  and continue to get paid until they have received the full amount – it could take a couple of years.

The reason for this is:

Withdrawing earnings is based on when bUnited gets paid by companies giving discounts to bUnited members. This will vary by what country you are in, how fast the membership grows there, and the speed at which companies sign up.

You can check your account page to know when you can withdraw some or all of your earnings.

How Can bUnited Pay Me So Much For So Little Work?

If you sign up 10, 50 or even 100 people, it is indeed a lot of money.

At this stage, bUnited’s main goal is to reach a large global size in members. That is why they are uniting all consumers worldwide and this is why you get paid to unite.

With bUnited they eliminate the billions of dollars that companies usually spend on advertising and salespeople to sell to you. It is not unusual for companies to spend 20% or 30% of their revenues on sales – that’s a lot of money. At bUnited you get that money.

At this moment you get a lot just for putting in a little effort. If you invite your friends right now you are more likely to reach your full earnings potential. But that will change. When more people in your country are already bUnited members, making lots of money with bUnited will get harder.


The founders of bUnited have come up with a great concept for saving the planet and getting companies to change. However, getting paid just to join bUnited, well I am a little bit skeptical at the moment.

YES, you can see your earnings in your Reserved Balance, as you invite people to join but will that ever change to Available to be paid now?

We will see!

I must admit that I will be recruiting new members as I want to see how this pans out. If bUnited promise what they offer then I will be in pocket. As many others will be too.

You have to remember that bUinited says it could take up to 2 years for your reserved earning to change into available to be paid now status.

Saying that I feel you have absolutely nothing to lose by joining bUnited as it is free to join.


In my opinion, do I recommend bUnited?


I would love to know your opinion on this subject and whether or not you think bUnited is a viable option to join.

Please leave your comments in the comments box below. Thank-you.

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