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Sell your content and get paid the amount you specify for it. Build relationships with clients, and grow your freelance writing career with Constant Content.

My goal as an online review and article writer is to research products, programs, and services to help you avoid get-rich-quick scams and find genuine money-making methods that actually work and the ones that don’t work.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my review and using your due diligence to do your own research into any kind of program like this that claims you can make money online.

I am here to assure you I have nothing to do with or I am not affiliated with this product.

This is an independent review with my honest and open opinion. I have nothing to gain by writing this review.

I would also like to inform my readers about my What is Constant Content review whether or not it is a legit program to use to sell your article content.


Name: Constant Content

Website: Constant Content Websiteconstant content logo

Price: Free to Join

Founder: Not Disclosed

Product Type: A Marketplace to Sell Your Article Content

Who is it for: Anyone Who Can Create Great Content to Sell

Scam: NO

What Is Constant Content?

Constant Content is a content creation service that connects businesses that need content with freelance writers who produce great content.

100% Unique Content + Hand Edited + 100,000 Expert Writers + 50,000 Businesses Served. Constant Content is a content creation service that specializes in obtaining high-quality content from their writers, that serves unique content for business clients.

They say they make it easy for you to find new writing opportunities, build relationships with clients, and grow your freelance writing career.

How To Register to Become A Constant Content Writer

what is constant content

When you register with Constant Content you will be asked to fill in your profile. This includes:

  1. A photo of yourself
  2. Your Bio
  3. Completing the profile questionnaire
  4. Completing their short quiz with about 6 to 7 questions that test your grammar and contextual competency
  5. Write a 100 – 250-word sample on a given topic following their guidelines

What They Want From A Writer

  • Professionally written, concise unique articles that are free of all errors including sentence structure
    errors, grammar errors, and punctuation errors.

Submissions Must NOT INCLUDE:
• Poetry, fiction, op-eds, or first-person POV
• Promotional content
• Actively linked web addresses
• Signature lines, bios, or author contact info
• Plagiarism: Using text taken directly from another source and presenting this information as your
own, and /or rewrites or partial rewrites of articles by other authors will result in immediate account

You can check out the writer’s guidelines here

Also here is my take on some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your content writing. Plus a list of other places to sell your article content.

If you think you are a good content creator and you fit the above criteria then click on the link below to start your freelance writing career.

Sign Up To Constant Content Here

If you meet all the criteria and are accepted to become a writer for Constant Content you can start to list your content in one of 3 ways.

  1. Content and Catalog Submissions – This is how you usually get started. You start to search for topics to write about, submit your article for review, and if accepted, have it added to the Constant Content catalog.
  2. Content Requests – You can submit content based on client requests, and if you have established a good working relationship with their clients, they may even request you specifically.
  3. Writer Pools – Constant Content may hire you to work with a large group for certain projects such as product descriptions and details for online catalogs, or jobs that may require multiple experts in a particular field.

A sample of some of the articles for sale on Constant Content.

articles for sale at constant contact screenshot

Many of the sorts of articles you can write about are:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Product descriptions
  • SEO content
  • Local SEO pages
  • Website copy
  • Sales copy
  • Ad copy
  • Social media copy
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Technical content
  • Educational content

And much more.

Plus the categories you can choose to write about. There are also sub-categories when you click on the plus sign.

constant content categories

You can also opt to sell your article content basically in 3 ways which are outlined below:

  • Full Rights license

They will remove the article from their archives and the purchaser is allowed to edit, change and even resell the article.

  • A Usage license

It is basically the right to reprint the article exactly as it is in the attached document.

  • Purchasing a Unique license

This is similar except that they remove the article from the archives so that no one else can purchase it.

What To Expect by Way of Payment for Your Article Content

First and foremost Constant Content takes out a huge 35% of your payment as their commission. So if you sell an article for $100 you will only receive $65.

The threshold for payment is a mere $5. So once you have earned that amount or more you will be paid on the next payment cycle via PayPal which is the first week of the month.

What Is Constant Content – Conclusion

Constant Content is a genuine website where you can sell your article content and get paid the amount you specify. It may be that your article content may sell quickly or you could be waiting months for your content to sell.

That is why it’s always a good idea to always follow the Constant Content writer’s guidelines.

If you believe you can write great content it may be worth your while signing up to Constant Content to sell your articles via the Constant Content platform.

For more information to answer any questions, you may have, you can join the Constant Content forum here.

Sign Up To Constant Contact Here


Of course, you can also buy content from Constant Content. But I do have a concern about buying content via the usage license. You see if you buy content from them via the usage license, many others may have bought the exact same content as yourself.

If you and many others use content bought via the usage license you could find yourself getting penalized from the search engines for duplicate content.

You can read more about duplicate content here in What is Duplicate Content?

How I Make Money Online

Although you can make money selling your article content with the Constant Content platform if you are a great writer and can adhere to their high-quality control. You will still be working for a company, and not for yourself.

If you like writing and you believe you can create great content then why not work for yourself by writing content on your own website. This way you only have to adhere to your own quality-control and not somebody else’s.

I started my very own website ( this one) using this platform that will teach you exactly how to build a website and get your own domain name. (that is a .com, .org, etc domain name).

Not only do they teach you to build your own website but being an affiliate training platform you will have access to many training modules in text and video format to help you start your online career.

More info about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Click on the free sign up link in the box below and take a sneak peek inside the member’s area.

My No.1 Recommended website
Join my No.1 Recommended website. No credit card needed. Free signup

I hope you found my review on What is Constant Content informative enough to give you as much insight as possible so you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to write for Constant Contact.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment in the comments area below. Or if you would like to contact me privately you can use the contact me form or the ask me form.

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