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What is Profit Vortex? Can You Really Make 2K to 3K a Day

Welcome to my review on What is Profit Vortex

Profit Vortex sounds like you will be up in the clouds on your own Vortex making mega money by using the method that Wayne Crowe and Bill Hugall recommend with this product. Claiming you can make up to 3K a DAY into your Paypal account without relying on JV or affiliate traffic.

profit vortex founders photo

Wow, now that sounds too good to be true. So Let’s take a look at what you will get for your money. And whether or not this product is just too good to be true.

profit vortex sales page earn 2k to 3k a day


Name: Profit Vortexprofit vortex logo 1

Website: http://profitvortex.net/live.html

Price: $8.37 + Upsells

Founders: Bill Hugall – Simple Spencer – Wayne Crowe

Product Type: Email List Builder

Upsells: Yes

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Rating: 1/10

So What  Are You Actually Buying?

The sales page is loaded with screenshots of income proof and testimonials of other internet marketers. (These other marketers are actually all acquainted with one another and give each other testimonials all the time).

You are lead to believe that you can make money online in a matter of 30 minutes a day. It also goes on to say that this system is a quick and easy job replacer. (job replacer? I doubt that)

It is also supposed to be newbie friendly as there is no coding or tech stuff involved. But there is no talk of how you can make money with their system. You have to buy the product to find out.

When you buy Profit Vortex there is a short welcome video. Then all you will receive is a 67 page PDF. The first few pages consist of screenshots of income proof and a few Youtube links to videos that are supposed to show you how to build an email list. Below is a list of what you will get in the 67-page PDF.

  • Setting up an autoresponder
  • Setting up your squeeze page
  • Creating a sign-up form
  • Making a secret page
  • Setting up your click tracker
  • Setting up push notifications
  • Buying some hosting with cPanel
  • Buying a domain name and connecting that to your hosting
  • Creating Your First Push Notifications
  • Ways to make money online

None of this is mentioned in the sales page and some of the above products are going to cost you even more money. So Profit Vortex has gone from an $8.37 product to one that will cost you hundreds.

The principal to Profit Vortex is list building where you will build a list to promote to. How this works is a new term to me called “Click Banking”.

So What is Click Banking?

Similar to Ad Swap whereby you find someone with an email list to be your partner and then you post an offer of theirs to your list and they post an offer of yours to their list. This is usually done by paying someone to be a partner.

Click banking is a way of building your list with a partner.  You send email clicks to them. This is done by writing an email to your list directing them to your partner’s offer. Once that is done they will return the same number of clicks back to you.

So instead of paying someone else to send your offers to subscribers on their list, you both recommend each other’s lists to each other’s subscribers.

The Price of Profit Vortex

profit vortex upsells image




The price is a small fee of just $8.37. But wait there are upsells. Although they are not necessary.

Upsell 1: Super Simple $300/Day Method ($27)

Upsell 2: Resale Rights to the Profit Vortex PDF ($47)

Upsell 3: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days ($27)

Upsell 4: Simple Buyers List Building Method ($12)

And There’s More

Profit Vortex also recommends the following products to complement their product.

AWeber for building your list… $19/month for up to 500 subscribers

Wishloop for social media sharing…up to $77/month

NameCheap to buy a domain name …$13/year and

web hosting starting at $30/year.

You will find testimonials on the sales page. As I talked about above. These guys are all acquainted with one another.

So the testimonials mean absolutely nothing. They are worthless.

Here is a screenshot of some of them.

profit vortex testimonials

What a load of BS. If you go here to Art Flair’s Youtube video you will see his review on Profit Vortex which is another hyped up testimonial. All he is doing is promoting his other offers by giving you 11 bonuses of his own.

Bonuses if You Buy Profit Vortex

BONUS #1 – DFY List Of Vortex Connections – $97 Value
This bonus will have you hit the ground running by leveraging off of Wayne’s experience and connections to get you into profits by this week. You’ll gain access to the underground internet marketers who understand the Vortex methods you are using and can work with you going forward.

BONUS #2 – The $5k Funnel Vortex Case Study – $197 Value
In this bonus, see EXACTLY what a profitable Vortex funnel looks like and get inspired by Wayne’s funnel design that has made him well over $5,000 over the past couple months. Don’t be too surprised to see how even a simple page can reap great rewards if done right – and see in detail what “right” means.

Is Profit Vortex a Scam?

The word scam means different things to different people. My view of Profit Vortex is no it’s not a scam as you are getting something for your money. Be it very low quality and valueless.

I do NOT recommend this product at all. Everything that Profit Vortex is offering with this product can easily be done online yourself. All that is needed is a little research to find partners for “click banking”.

I just did a search online on (how to find ad swap partners) and a whole page came up for suggestions on where to find partners. Don’t put in (How to find click banking partners) as you will just be taken to a search for the ClickBank network program.

As for the other products you are going to need many you can obtain free, but some will cost you money.

As for the 100% 30-day money back guarantee, I have heard stories of people not being able to claim their money back.

Then there is the Disclaimer which stipulates that they cannot guarantee that you will make any money from using or promoting their products or services. This goes against everything that they say you will achieve with Profit Vortex.  Please read the disclaimer it’s an eye-opener.

This product WILL NOT make you up to 3K a day. You will be lucky if you get any sales at all. If you really want to make money online then I suggest creating your own website and building and directing traffic to it.

A Genuine Legit Program That Actually Works

If you are looking to find a genuine training program with step by step text and video tutorials then I suggest you take a look at my No.1 recommended program. Not only will you receive excellent training but you will get help anytime you need it with the great community.

Most importantly if you apply and take action on what you learn you will achieve results.

To learn more click on the free signup button in the box below where you will get a free starter for 7-days.

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I hope you found my review on What is Profit Vortex helpful and informative. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and leave a comment in the comments area. Or you can contact me with my contact form or ask me form.



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