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What Is Scoopshot? – Get Paid To Take Photos On Your Smartphone!

Welcome to my review – What is Scoopshot

Are you a keen photographer? If the answer is YES, you can get paid to take photos and videos with your smartphone. Let’s take a look at Scoopshot and the requirements you will need to get paid for your photos.

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There is a good article here you can check out: How to tell if a website is safe and legitimate.

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Name: Scoopshot

Website: Scoopshot Websitescoopshot logo image

Price: Free

Founders: Petri Rahja and Timo Rinne

Who is it for:  Amateur photographers

Product Type: Digital Photo Software

Scam: NO

What Is Scoopshot?

Based in Helsinki Finland. The Scoopshot app allows anyone with a smartphone to become a photographer, to showcase their skills and offer their work for sale.

Some partners included USA Today, News Corp Australia, Apple Daily, WAZ, Fiat, Finnair, Oxfam, and many others.

Scoopshot is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. and is free to download.

apple app store download image

google play store app download image

*PLEASE NOTE*:  Data transfer to upload photos and videos may result in additional wireless carrier fees and depending on your mobile plan, data fees may increase so you may want to contact your carrier for information.

Why must I register?

Registration helps them verify your account (to make sure you are real), and allows them to authenticate your information.

This way they can make sure you get paid for any photos or videos that sell. This information is only used for Scoopshot’s service and it is never transferred to third parties.

What Makes a Good Scoopshot Photo or Video?


Women taking a photo of buildings

The better the photo or video, the more likely it is to get sold. It is therefore important to focus on quality.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer just make sure your shots are of a newsworthy and interesting nature and more importantly sales-worthy.

When submitting a general photo, the content should be newsworthy and properly tagged. Remember to include details when submitting to help photo buyers find your photos/videos, using hashtags like #fire #cat, etc.

Remember to avoid cropping or manipulating your photos with filters.

Including your name and phone number in your profile improves image authenticity, as the source of the content is known. Authenticity makes images much more attractive to buyers.

How to submit your photos and videos.

How to shoot a great video?

man taking a video of skiers

Man taking a video of skiers

Unless you are caught in the middle of action that requires swift recording, please take a moment to focus on the quality of the video.

Once you’ve captured a great video, make your video readily available with a good description and relevant hashtags.

The same tips apply to both videos and photos. Select an interesting, newsworthy subject and move in close enough to show details and frame your shot properly.

Avoid shaking the camera. Most importantly, tell a visual story. What is happening, where, to whom and why this is important.

Keep your video brief and to the point. Be sure to record horizontal videos unless otherwise requested or needed. If possible, go straight into the action instead of starting with 30 seconds of introductory footage with little action.

Use audio to your benefit and sound supplements to the story. Sometimes your audio commentary may work, depending on the scenario.

What is the maximum length of videos?

The maximum video length depends on your smartphone. With some models, the length may be automatically restricted to one minute and other devices may not impose limitations.

Remember to capture the essential action and keep the video brief. This helps minimize transfer fees and time.

Who owns the rights to the photos and videos I send to Scoopshot?

How Much Will I Be Paid Per Photo?

When you submit photos and videos they become available for sale in the Scoopshot store. Whenever your photo or video is purchased, you will receive a notification directly to your smartphone and your balance will be updated on your Profile.

You can make $2.50 by submitting your images for sale.

The process is streamlined enough so that you can theoretically make money whenever you are out taking photos, assuming the images are deemed newsworthy.

Supported payment methods include bank transfers and PayPal.

Scoopshot Pro – Getting started

Scoopshot has a Pro version and is an ecosystem that helps you to get assignments. Your client can be anyone it could be the newspaper shop next door or a creative agency from the other side of the world. What is common to them is their desire to get images and your job is to deliver.

Scoopshot Pro is a hassle-free solution made for a professional photographer to focus your work and TO TAKE AWESOME IMAGES!

As a professional photographer you do not need to worry about:

  • Contracting, just agree with the terms of services and you are done.
  • Billing, we will do the billing for you!
  • Getting your money. You will get your money immediately when the customer approves your work. All assignments (task as we call them) will be prepaid by the customer.

To get started:

  • Create a compelling 9 image portfolio of your work
  • List your experience
  • Provide your location

Create Your Own Portfolio Here

Rating and Reviews

I found the following reviews on the Apple App Store. There were 32 in all but there was only the 3 below that could be viewed.

scoopshot review 1

scoopshot review 2

scoopshot review 3

scoopshot rating and reviews image

The rating of Scoopshot is fairly low. This may be due to the fact that you only receive $2.50 per photo if any are sold.

The reviews are average, with no mention of not being paid. There are other apps that will pay more for your photos. If you take a look at the Foap App they pay you $5.00 per photo and it has a much better rating of 3.8.

What Is Scoopshot – Conclusion

Although Scoopshot has a low rating I believe it to be a genuine app for getting paid to sell your photos and videos.

If I was a keen photographer I would try this app just to experience the feel of Scoopshot.

How do I rate Scoopshot?


The Trick To Making Money Online

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See you on the inside.

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So then you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to use their app.

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