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What is SuperSonic About? Can you Really Make Money with SuperSonic?

Welcome to my review on What is SuperSonic About

I would like to congratulate you for taking the time to read my review and using your due diligence to research into any kind of program like this that claims you can make money online on autopilot.

I am here to assure you I have nothing to do with or I am not affiliated with this product.

This is an independent review with my honest and open opinion. I have nothing to gain by writing this review.

I would also like to inform my readers as to whether or not SuperSonic is a legit product or just a scam.

Well, for one thing, this review is not about Aeroplanes. It’s about stealing 12 proven done-for-you campaigns according to the founders who are Paul Nicholls & Anthony Mancuso.


Name: SuperSonicsupersonic image of a ipad and mobile phone

Website: https://getsupersonic.net/

Price: $12.95 + Upsells

Founders: Paul Nicholls & Anthony Mancuso

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Upsells: YES

Scam: NO

supersonic 12 proven methods to make money screenshot

 When you arrive at the sales page it is just full of hype and screenshots of income proof. This to me is a dead giveaway that this program is going to be rubbish.

Anyway, the 12 done-for-you campaigns are:

  • Blistering
  • Contenu
  • Fuego
  • Multiplier
  • Proximity
  • EZ Passive Paydays
  • SuperSonic
  • El Bandito
  • Limitless
  • Golden Ticket
  • Compoundly
  • Flipadom
  • The Trinity

There are actually 13 if you include SuperSonic. So what exactly are these campaigns? They are other programs from either the same vendors or other vendors.

And all you will be doing is promoting these programs to get sales for the different vendors. You will only be making a commission on any sales you obtain.

I see two problems. The first one is you are going to need a website that is up and running. And the second problem is to promote these programs you are first going to have to apply to the vendor or vendors to get approved and get your personal links to these 13 programs.

The one thing vendors do not like doing is approving someone that is new to affiliate marketing and is getting little or no traffic to their website. I know as I have been in that position.

I have only reviewed one of the programs on the list and that is El Bandito. Which I did not recommend.

SuperSonic want you to promote these products as a review with videos. Here lies another problem. Do you know how to make a video? For the newbie probably not.

They also want you to start doing email campaigns to promote these products. At least they are providing email swipes for you to use with the SuperSonic product.

One more thing. To be able to send an email you are going to need an email server. This is will cost you a monthly fee.

The Members Area of Supersonic

supersonic screenshot of the campaigns in the members area

There are training videos on each program and under each video, there is a link to apply to all the programs. There is also an area where you are going to access the WP plugin so you can automate the system and upload the reviews and the websites.

Talking about uploading reviews what they are not telling you is that these reviews will be classed as duplicate content by the search engines. Not to mention how many people have used them before you.

Now I haven’t tried the WP plugin on my website The reason being I have heard through the grapevine that the WP plugin does not work correctly. I don’t know if this is a ploy by the vendors or if they genuinely don’t know the plugin has some glitches.

There is no mention of where you will be getting traffic from. On the sales page, they explicitly said that they will show you how to get free traffic to these campaigns.

supersonic promise of traffic image

You will have to buy one of the upsells or OTO’s to access how to get free traffic. Which by the way is $197.

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The Free Bonuses

Bonus 1, Fast Cash Cheat Sheet: 6 steps of how to use SuperSonic.

Bonus 2, Emergency Cash Booster: 5 modules plus another bonus set.

Module 1… Is a video about launch jacking.

Module 2…  Is a pay per call affiliate marketing training.

Module 3…  Is a Craiglist marketing strategy.

Module 4…  Is a case study on niche websites.

Module 5…  Is about search term strategy.

Bonus 3, Step by Step Video Training: This video is included in the program.

Bonus 4, 48 hours full case studies: In this bonus, you will be referred to another website, P1 Profits and this is actually a complete training program on the topic of affiliate marketing.

Bonus 5, SuperSonic Vault: (Included in the program)

So two of the so-called bonuses are actually in the program itself. So you are really only getting three.

The OTO’s or Upsells

OTO 1… Traffic Explosion PRO, $37.00 one-time.

In this upsell, you’ll be promised traffic strategies that are new and unknown and that should multiply your earnings fast.

  • An over the shoulder training that shows you how you can see great results with the traffic methods shown in the program.
  • 5 Traffic strategies that cost nothing and that you can use without any problems right now.
  • 3 Paid traffic strategies which are cheap and immediately attract visitors to your offers.
  • A cheat sheet that shows how you can use these traffic strategies quickly and catapult your earnings.

OTO 2… Unlimited Traffic Siphon, $197.00 once.

  • Step by step training that shows exactly how to get results quickly with this traffic method.
  • Traffic siphon cheat sheet to set up this siphon which is super easy and you can see tons of traffic in no time.
  • A case study to show how the SuperSonic team works with the Unlimited Traffic Siphon and earns a daily income.

OTO 3… Done for you $47.00, one-time payment.

  • The 5 Best Completed Money Make campaigns you can use immediately.
  • Proven to work review sites with sales-boosting advertising.
  • The related review videos that are already rehearsed and thus already exist on YouTube.
  • 5 Email campaigns for the corresponding product campaigns.
  • Training to show you how to make $14,264.20 with the help of each of these 5 product campaigns.

OTO 4 … $397 – Super Affiliate Classroom

OTO 5…  $97 Reseller/License Rights …  downsell to $47


The one thing I cannot fathom out is why people keep buying these types of products. You only have to take a look at one of the vendor’s portfolio on Warrior Plus to see that these products are being sold and in huge quantities.

Take a look at the screenshot of Paul Nichols recent activity on Warrior Plus.

supersonic founder paul nichols products on warrior plus

Now whether he has sold these products himself or the affiliates promoting it has, who knows. But he has certainly made a killing with the products as you can see in the screenshot.

The only people who will make money from SuperSonic are the vendors and the affiliates promoting it. You will find that you will not make any money with this program as the review sites are duplicated content.

The search engines will not rank this kind of offer due to that factor.

All I can say is the sales that the vendor has obtained from SuperSonic and their other program must be from people who do not understand what they are buying.

Once again the vendors are targeting the vulnerable.

My recommendation is:


My Genuine Way To Make Money Online

SuperSonic is a low-quality product with little value in my eyes. I would never promote such programs as these.

I respect my reputation too much. If you value your reputation and want to be known for your brand then please give these type of products a miss.

A lot of my reviews and articles are featured on the first page of Google and I would not want to tarnish that by promoting low-value products.

The way I see it is to do yourself a huge favour and learn all there is to know about Internet Marketing. The way I learned is by joining an affiliate marketing training course called Wealthy Affiliate.

It has taught me everything I know today. I can spot a scam a mile away and so can you if you take a lesson from me and join Wealthy Affiliate.

I am not B.S.ing when I say I make a living online and it is all down to my No.1 recommended program Wealthy Affiliate.

Please take a look at this fab program. Get a 7-day free trial to see what the program is all about. To do that click on the free signup link in the box below.

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See you on the inside.

Have you been scammed? please let me know in the comments area. I would love to know about your experiences.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments area below. Or if you want to contact me privately you can leave a message using the contact me form or the ask me form.



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