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What Is US Monitor? – Get Paid To Receive Mail

Welcome to my review – What is US Monitor

If you don’t mind receiving mail in your letterbox then why not join US Monitor. You get paid to receive mail and give your feedback to US Monitor.

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Name: US Monitor

Website: US Monitor WebsiteUS monitor logo image

Founders: Anita and Marty Sass

Who is it for: Individuals who don’t mind receiving mail

Product Type: US Mail Monitoring Service

Scam: NO

What Is US Monitor?

view of a street with mail van

Since 1973, US Monitor has built a strong reputation as the nation’s most reliable and effective mail monitor service by bringing together state-of-the-art technology and old-fashioned attention to detail.

They have monitored millions of pieces of mail for thousands of customers who choose to use US Monitor.

Instantly, in real-time clients will know exactly when and where every single piece of mail is delivered. The Intelligent Mail Barcode can track every piece of mail with a single barcode.

With Mailstream Intelligence, U.S. Monitor has combined the last Intelligent Mail Barcode scan at the destination post office with the actual in-home delivery of a seeded piece of mail on a real-time online report.

Postal Service plays a major role in its economy. Correspondence, orders, inquiries, quotations, shipping information, contracts, invoices, corrections, checks and a host of other important mail matter must be delivered on time or many dollars and valuable goodwill can be lost.

When you know how long it takes for your mail to be delivered you can plan mailing schedules to allow for delays and help ensure on-time deliveries.

What Is A US Monitor Agent?

a character holding a red envelope under its arm

US Monitor hires mail decoy agents to receive mail from various companies. After receiving mail, agents input into the US Monitor database when the mail was received and in what condition it arrived.

Mail decoy agents may receive up to 10 – 40 pieces of mail per day. Sometimes the mail will be in the form of flyers and sometimes you’ll get products that you may be able to keep.

You will need to let US Monitor know every day through their database and go through a short process to let US Monitor know about the mail you received.

This includes what day you received the mail and in what condition it arrived. You also have to let them know if you received NO mail.

Your personal mail and the mail you receive from US Monitor will be different as US Monitor mail has a special barcode on it. This code helps to keep you from confusing US Monitor mail with your personal mail.

The company wants you to keep the mail you receive for between 5 and 7 days, and then you will either discard it or return it depending on what they want.

If you have to return mail, you will do so in postage-paid envelopes that US Monitor provides. You will not have to pay to return mail yourself.

What Is US Monitor? – How To Become An Agent

You just fill out an application form to apply. You don’t need to have any special skills at all, or qualifications and there are no tests that you need to take.

The company only accepts agents in specific area codes. If they already have a mail decoy agent actively working in your area, it’s not likely you’ll hear back after signing up.

Also, the company receives a large number of applications, so you may also be placed on a waiting list before being accepted.

What Will I Get Paid For Being A US Monitor Agent?

gold dollar sign


The current rate is $10 per month and an extra $0.25 per piece of mail you receive. It is not going to break the bank but nevertheless it is still money you wouldn’t have had before becoming a US Monitor Agent.

And for a few minutes, a day checking your mail will not interrupt your plans for the day.

You will be paid once per month, by cheque.

In my research, I found some comments that are worth looking at. See the screenshots below.

I cannot give the resource I found these reviews from due to Privacy Policies.

us monitor review 1

us monitor review 2


These reviews are positive feedback that US Monitor does pay and you can make more money than $10 per month. It is definitely worth signing up for. Even if you are put on the waiting list.

US Monitor provides positive feedback to its customers in a timely manner thanks to the agents that receive inundated mail.

What I like about US Monitor though is their easy to navigate website. US Monitor seems to be a transparent company with no fluff. They appear to be a website whereby they are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

The one disappointment with US Monitor is that it is not available worldwide.

How do I rate US Monitor?


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I hope you found my review on What is US Monitor informative enough to give you as much insight as possible.

So then you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to join US Monitor.

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