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Review of Keyword Research Tool

This review is for a top-quality keyword research tool called Jaaxy that is currently on the market. I use this tool and have been very happy with it. People often ask what’s the best keyword research tool.

Firstly let me say that keywords are essential in writing content for your blog or post as it is one of the key elements of getting ranked in search engines.

Having a keyword research tool can take much of the hard work out of being overwhelmed with which keywords to use to get you ranked in the search engines within your niche.

When the public does a search in a search engine what are they looking for? and what language do they use? language meaning slang, do they use one word or several?

Try to think about what words you would use personally if you were using a search engine for research. These are the questions you need to ask yourself. It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the public.

Using a keyword research tool takes most of the guesswork out of finding good quality SEO keywords. Jaaxy is all about targeted traffic.

This is a screenshot inside the back office of Jaaxy.

A screenshot of the back office of Jaaxy keyword research toolOn the top two lines, you can see the dashboard of Jaaxy.


Below is a little of what they do.




This is the main button you will use when searching for keywords. Type your keyword in and press find keywords and Jaaxy will find a list of keywords that will be most useful to you.


The average amount of searches per month.


An average number of visits per month to your website if you get to the No.1 position in search engines.

QSR (Quoted Search Results)

This shows you how many competitors to expect rallying for the same keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

Green = Good

Yellow = OK

Red = Poor


A score that is based on traffic and competition the higher the better.

Site Rank

Here you can find out if you have made it to the No.1 page on search engines.

Affiliate Program

This is where you will find your affiliate links and the compensation for being an affiliate with Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Help

Help Section

Alphabet Soup

Here you can type in a keyword and you will be shown all the keywords from A-Z.

Saved Lists

This is where you save your keywords.

Search History

A history of your searches.

Search Analysis

Type in a keyword and you will be shown a list of the ranking sites on search engines.

These are the main buttons that you will use.


Jaaxy has 3 price variations per month and yearly.

1. $0 (Starter) yearly $0

2. $19 (Pro version) yearly $199

3. $49 (Enterprise) yearly $499

Overall I would give the Jaaxy tool a 10 out of 10 for its performance, an awesome tool that I would recommend to any online marketer.

Jaaxy has many Pros and in my book but no Cons.

You can see for yourself here.


A turquoise button with the words sign up below



Let me know what you think of Jaaxy.


Leave your comments below.


Thank you


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2 thoughts on “What’s the Best Keyword Research Tool

  1. Thanks Glenys for your kind comments about my article/post. Yes I love Jaaxy too, that’s why I wanted to do a review on it. I only have the starter version like yourself it does a great job I can’t imagine how good the upgraded version would be.

    Thanks again


  2. HI Janet,
    Thank you for writing this great review on Jaaxy. I currently use Jaaxy myself. I find that it really helps me nail down my headline and helps me better understand the direction of my article.
    Jaaxy has really helped me choose superior headlines / keywords that really help to lift my organic (FREE) website traffic.
    I only use the starter options. I haven’t invested in Jaaxy Enterprise yet.
    I don’t know what I would do without Jaaxy.
    I was just wondering which level of Jaaxy membership do you have?

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