Why is Social Media Good for Business?

Why is social media good for business?.

Most of us belong to at least one social networking website. Many of us belong to social media sites too.

So what is the difference?

Understanding the distinction between social media and social networking isn’t really that hard to define.

Their differences are essential to know as they will assist you in choosing which platform to use for the promotion of a particular business brand or idea.

Social Media is used to share any sort of data widely and each user has the equivalent chance to access the data. You only need to take a look at my facebook page to see how many times I have interacted with other users about my business. (and my campaigns to help animals)

Social Networking generally exists between those people and associations that have basic interests or goals in common. The common goal here is business.

The two are often intermingled as often social networking is called social media and visa versa. Unless you are a particular person the name really doesn’t matter, it’s why its good for business that matters here.

To learn more about social networking and how to use it for your business, use the platform that I use, and replicate a system that works. Not to mention a great compensation plan.

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The Old Ways

Some old practices never die, this is especially true in businesses. Having meetings in business be it a board meeting or a general meeting, whatever they are, are still popular and needed.

However, with the internet and technology and social networking, they are becoming less and less needed.

Take a webinar, for example, there is no need to toddle across town or fly inter-state anymore unless you actually want to. You can now sit in the comfort of your office and have a good meeting.

More often than not a busy businessman or woman would be on a tight schedule, so a personal one on one meeting will take up more time and at the end of the day, they will have less time to discuss their business.

Every sort of business whether it be a trade or a commercial group meeting, every employee experiences issues, and some other concerns.

These things are helped through the sharing of ideas and goals on the grounds that every last individual from a business affiliation gains from each other’s experiences and stories. It is a domino effect. A banner with the words social media in blue and grey

The Function of Social Networking/Media

Together with the boom of internet technology and social networking sites business associates have been brought closer together.

Today, social networking sites are teaching businesses lessons and other points of view that they otherwise may be unaware of. Through an online discussion, certain relationships are born, it is formed regardless of how unique their specialties are.

Social media is the way of the future and the next big thing for content related websites/blogs. Social networking/media from a business point of view can drive sales if a few certain tactics are implemented.

Search Engines love video’s as it allows visitors so spend more time on your website. This is a great sign to any search engine that your website has good content and is trustworthy. Making a video can be fun and when its finished can boost your business upwards with conversions and sales. It’s much easier to watch a video and digest information than reading about information. (In my opinion)5 animated bodies carrying the letters T R U S T

Relationships can be born on social networking sites and that can build trust. Building trust may take time with your new-found friends on social media but its so worth it. It’s all about sharing knowledge and experience and sometimes It isn’t who you know but who they know and who knows them. It’s a flow on effect.

Customer Service goes a long way

There are particular occasions when individuals take a rain check with others on social websites. It is much easier to do than if you are face to face or even on the phone with another person.

You know who is online if the person is in your social network circle. It can be rude to ignore someone if you know they are trying to communicate with you.

It may be a very important message that you really should be taking. The result of this can be a bad impression of yourself.

Trustworthiness is the best strategy. As the saying goes honesty is the best policy. Never guarantee anything which you cannot fulfill. Try not to state that you’re associated with this sort of business when in truth you are most certainly are not.

Try not to disclose to them that you can deliver when you can’t deliver. It may be a danger to your reputation. Simply be your yourself. All things considered, you must remember that it is your credibility which is at stake.

Give your skills a chance to rule. Try not to talk on close to home subjects that have nothing to do with your business undertakings.

Social networking sites must be held with strict professionalism. Part of being a professional is respecting what cultural and religious differences may arise.

Mingle and blend with them. By mingling, I mean sharing in any of the business webinars, commenting, and bringing up questions and suggestions as well. Help the individuals who appear to require it most.

Ensure that you sound positive with whatever you say, and be confident. Never neglect to recognize the members as well.

Doing as such will reinforce your niche in the long run in the social networking world. 2 animated faces talking to one another

Social networking sites are about building relationships which will assist in the progress of the business.

It is a give and take process. So in the event that you know how to adequately do your part, you are probably going to profit by it.


You probably have no doubt about the number of users social media and networking sites have. They are in the millions. So where better to market your business than with platforms that have a multitude of users.

What you need to remember is that social networking sites are being used every day and every minute and seconds of the day.

Saying that, because of the amount of use that social media sites have, you need to be marketing your products or services quite regularly without being spammy. Keep your ads updated also, change the photo or picture in your ad regularly too this will make it look like a new ad.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments area or contact form.

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2 thoughts on “Why is Social Media Good for Business?

  1. Thanks, Bob,
    Yes, we have come along way since pen and paper and snail mail. Just a few clicks and you can be speaking to someone across the other side of the world. Amazing.

    Thanks again



  2. Hi Janet, this is an excellent review of social media and social networks. What I’m finding out is that by using Facebook and the other social media platforms I can have a more intimate dialogue with my audience than merely posting articles on my blog, although when people comment there is a very good opportunity to connect with them. I’m looking forward to reading other articles you have written.

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