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15 legitimate work from home websites to find your perfect work from home job. No, it’s not affiliate marketing or writing from your laptop at home. I am referring to real jobs working for a wage from home. So now I have your interest you will want to know what kind of work from home opportunities they are.

Well, I can tell you quite honestly there is quite a few work from home jobs. You will be pleasantly surprised at some of them. I am not including blogging although it can be a full-time work from home job. Some work at home jobs can be part-time or full time or even flexible.


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Below I have listed 15 work from home categories.

 Below the category is an example of a website.

I will be adding more, so please bookmark this page for further updates of work from home opportunities.

Email and Live Chat

  The Chat Shop  

Customer Service

Working Solutions



Data Entry

Smart Crowd



Online Moderators


Product Testing

Say So Rewards

Medical Coding


Search Engine Evaluation


Virtual Assistant

Virtual Gal Friday

Teaching and Tutoring


Telephone Mystery Shopping


Freelance Writing and Ghost Writing

Online Writing Jobs

Proof Reading and/or Editing




These are some of the real work from home jobs you can do working for an online company. These are all legitimate work at home companies. To apply for any of the jobs listed you will require a computer with an internet connection and depending on the job you apply for you may need a telephone.

Real work at home jobs can be undertaken by anyone whether they are experienced or not. Students and stay at home mums could easily do work at home jobs for extra income. In fact, as I said anyone can do this. You may be waiting for your affiliate marketing website or blog to take off, in that case, the extra income could be used for advertising or anything your heart desires really.

Many of the jobs listed can be found by searching an online job site as you would if you were looking for work in the say 9-5 office work industry.

Check this Website out……….Get Paid to Write

Try these 3 sites




You only have to use your imagination to think of a dream work at home job. What do you enjoy doing? Maybe you love dogs, therefore, you could become a pet sitter, by the way, pet sitters don’t just look after dogs, they can take care of various animals if they choose too if there is a job available. This isn’t a stay at home job though, it’s a small business you can run from your home. Think of the benefits of pet sitting if you are pet sitting a dog. You will be taking the dog or dogs for a walk under your agreement with the pet owner so you will be getting fresh air, exercise, not to mention lots of cuddles. You may meet other dog owners in the park and be able to have a sociable chat with them.

A white dog jumping up in the air

No link for pet sitters due to the fact that all my readers come from different parts of the country you live in. A search will have to be made to find a reputable pet sitting agency in your area.

If you are an expert in any profession or hobby, how about giving your expert opinion online. Below is a good example of this.


There can be plenty of money made from consulting in your given field of expertise. Not only that but think about how you will be helping a person with your knowledge, that in itself is a rewarding experience.

What if you do not want to go through an agency?

That’s fine, so long as you have the expertise to set it up for yourself. I would suggest putting the word out with friends, family and colleges that you are now in the consulting business (in your field of expertise) Have some business cards made up, they are very cheap to have made. Hand them out to your local shop owners to put them up on their board or in the window. Take out a small advertisement in the local paper and of course, you can always rely on word of mouth.

You will need to set up your computer too, as you will want to have live chat and a separate email account for your customers to write to you and for you to reply to them.

A man sat on a orange coloured chair with his feet up on a table with a laptop on his knee and wearing headphones

Try this website out for work in the live chat jobs.


Of course, the email address can be one of your choices, there are free email accounts such as Gmail and Outlook but the choice is yours. If you set up a domain website for your work from home business you will also get so many free email accounts with it. This will be in the .com .net and .org form. These domains give a better impression to your customers than a free email address. It comes across as more professional.

Another bonus, a customer could, in fact, become a good friend, they may be from a different walk of life and consequently show you a different angle on the world.

I think this is great for your self-esteem, you may think differently about life, this, in turn, can have a positive effect on your business.

Be an advocate for your customers, have empathy, understand their point of view but mostly be a friend who they can talk with.

I can talk through experience when I say being an advocate will help. I have done it myself when I worked with the elderly. Great experience.

All of this can be done from the comfort of your armchair if you are consulting from the phone. Live chat is different you will need of course to sit at your computer. Buy yourself a computer table so you can still sit in your favorite armchair when chatting with customers on live chat.

Below is a carry on from this article.

What is the Best Work at Home Jobs – A Simple Guide


I hope the information helps.

Please contact me through the contact form below if you have any questions or just want to give some feedback.

Take Care

Happy job hunting


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7 thoughts on “Work from Home Opportunities

  1. Hi Sukumar,

    I have posted another article on work from home jobs. If as you said you have bookmarked this page you will find my new article at the bottom of this page “What is the best work at home jobs”

    Otherwise, you can find me at


  2. You are on the best affiliate marketing training program here at wealthy affiliate. Carry on with all the training and tasks and you will acquire all the knowledge the training offers.

    Thank you for the review.

    Regards Janet

  3. Always knew there were opportunities galore for making money online but somehow, I was lazy to find out how. Affiliate marketing and surveys are the only ways I knew. You have listed some amazing websites and I’m curious enough to check them one by one. I have bookmarked this post already since you say you’ll be updating with new sites or opportunities. If I want to learn affiliate marketing, which training platform do you suggest for a complete newbie?

  4. Hi Sammy, Thanks for the comment.
    In reply to your question, I would try the 2 job network agencies below.

    These 2 sites are highly trusted for finding openings by location.
    Hope this helps
    Let me know if I can be of further assistance, I am only too happy to help.

  5. Thanks Josh for your comment, there are so many opportunities nowadays for working from home, sometimes you could even be spoilt for choice. I will be updating this post soon, so if you liked it stay tuned for my next instalment so the saying goes.


  6. That’s really great information you put together. I wasn’t aware that there are so many opportunities around if you want to work from home. I always thought you had to be super qualified and highly computer savvy to have a chance to find a job but I’m relieved that there is something for everybody.
    What do you think would be suitable for someone who wants to do 2-3 hours of office type work from home in the evenings? Where could I find information on job opportunities for that?

  7. Very interesting to see how many different avenues you can take, you don’t always realize how many possibilities there can be when it comes to working from home, but this article definitely helps.

    I do think it can very difficult and quite scary for many when coming to setting up their own business if they choose to go down that route rather than through an agency, as you mention seeking help from a consultancy can help massively with this.

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