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Writers Work is a service platform for freelance writers and in this writer’s work review, I will show you everything it has to offer and everything it doesn’t have to offer.

Writers Work has a training program for those of you that want to start up in freelance writing and don’t know where to start. It promises to even show you how to do your taxes.

What Does Writers Work OfferA few modules saying kick start your freelance career, start training now

Training modules with videos

Organized job listings

Word Processor function

Certain places to pitch writing work

Portfolio feature

Track your work function

What Do Writers Work NOT offer

Exclusive job opportunities

The job listings on Writers Work can be found on other freelance writing boards and platforms. Although this is being updated to include more exclusive job listings.

So Let’s take a look at the features in a little more detail.

Built-in Training

The training modules come basically in video format and explain things like “how to get clients” and “how much to charge clients” and more. Basically, the training will answer many of your basic questions on how to start up in freelance writing.

Job Listings

Writers Work organizes job listings so you can easily find them all in one place on the job listing platform. The source of these listing does come from other job listing websites.

But what is cool about Writers Work is you don’t have to keep going back and forth to different job sites to find writing gigs.

Writers Work lists them all in one place. They are not the only freelance writing website that offers this service, but with the other features of Writers Work, it makes it a great time-saving option.

The Word Processor Function

The word processor function is a really well-thought-out text editor. It has many functions that writers want and in fact, need. Some of these functions are:

A readability scoreA screenshot of a readability score

Real-time reading grade level (updates as you are typing)

Spell Checker

Live character, word and sentence count (tracks while you are typing) Plus calculates how many words per minute you are writing.

Time Tracker ( to track how long you take to write an article )

Dictionary link

Pitch Your Articles

Here is a place where you can submit your articles within the Writers Work platform. The range of opportunities you can choose from are from beginner to experienced levels. Of course, the pay differs depending on your level of experience. But the range can start from $50-100 per article to $1 per word. There is an easy to navigate listings of searchable job offerings which is a really handy function to find places to accept and publish your work.

Portfolio Feature

Here is where you can put all your written articles. It’s pretty basic but at least it’s a place to keep everything in one place. This is your portfolio of the works you have created and which you can submit to potential clients when applying for gigs. It is quite important to have a portfolio as clients will almost always ask for some examples of your work.

If you have a blog or site set up for your outsourcing business, associate it to your profile for customers to find. You can also connect your profile to your internet-based media accounts, which will give potential customers a chance to perceive what you can do. Customers can contact you with a direct message, or, even better, you can use the new eCommerce included on your profile, which will let customers rapidly and effortlessly buy the items they require.

Track Your Work Function

This is a feature where you can organize all your work projects. You can connect documents to certain projects and create sub-tasks if needed. You can track how long before a project is due for your clients and with it being a cloud-based format you can keep track of your projects from anywhere.

Writers Work Review – The Price

Writers Work has a 2-way pay plan. You can pay monthly for $15 or pay only once for $47. This seems a very fair price for this platform.

If you want to check Writers Work out before committing to paying a lifetime $47 you can always pay the monthly fee of $15 and test the waters so to speak. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. The price has a 50% off time limit at the moment too. Down from $94 to $47.

To get paid for items you list in the marketplace, you’ll require a Stripe account.

Stripe is free to set up, and it will give you a chance to deposit payments specifically into your own personal or business account. When you create a Stripe account, you should include a name for your business and a business site.

Remember that you can update your information later on as your business and brand development.

Trustpilot Testimonials

Trustpilot is a review website, where you can ask to get your website reviewed objectively by a person or persons who have bought a product or service from you. Mainly your customers.

Below are some testimonials that have been given by freelance writers as written on Trustpilot that have joined Writers Work. Screenshots are taken from Trust Pilot.

Writers Work was given a 4-star rating by Trustpilot.

A testimonial

A testimonial

A testimonial

Hiring Writers from Writers Work

Hiring Writers from Writers Work is quick and simple, it’s just a matter of filling in a form to submit your job posting. Once your job listing has been reviewed it usually takes about 12-24 hours to go live.

You can expect to receive candidates from your listing within minutes. The database of writers is quite large, so it won’t take long to get some replies to your listing.

The length of time for a listing to run is 30 days but if you want it to run longer just contact them at employers@writers.work, In fact, you can contact them on that email address for any inquiries you may have as an employer.


In reality, a $47 price tag is a good deal with everything that’s included in Writers Work. It seems peanuts when you compare it to the benefits that you are going to get to obtain a new freelance writing career. The boost you have with Writers Work is the in-built writing course. Normally you would pay that and more just for the course alone. So, all in all, I think Writers Work is most definitely worth the $47 price tag.


Training modules with videos

Organized job listings

Word Processor function

Certain places to pitch writing work

Portfolio feature

Great testimonials

Track your work function

Good price

Ease of use


Hyped up advertising by outside individuals

Does not have a 5-star rating with Trustpilot

I would like to give Writers Work a score of 9/10


a man stood on a mountain and the words make the world your office


I hope you found my review of Writers Work useful. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below. Thank-you.

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