Writing Websites – A Huge List of Writing Websites

Another idea if you are looking to Work from Home is writing. You can write articles, blogs, stories, fiction or non-fiction, it really depends on the website and editor you choose to write for. You can write for magazines and online writing websites. Believe or not there are tons of writing websites, you just have to find them.

There is more to it than putting pen to paper and plugging away on your laptop, home or office computer. Firstly you need to read the guidelines for each website you are thinking of writing for and take note of other stories that have been published.

Also, do some research on your chosen topic. Once you chose your topic you will need to Pitch it to the Editor of the website, or the person responsible for writing from freelancers. Whoever it may be, make sure you give your pitch to the right person.

What is a Pitch?

A pitch is basically your idea of a story. You will need to explain your point of view and your argument for this story. Explain why you think your idea is great, important and unique, and of interest to readers. Once this is accomplished, you may or may not be offered the job.

If you are not given the job don’t give up, stay focused and try another website or try the same website when you feel more confident about your writing skills. If you are accepted great, go for it. It could be the start of things to come.

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List of writing websites

This list is just what I found available at the time of writing this article.

All of these websites listed pay $50 or above. (Or so they claim)

Family and parenting

WEBSITE               TOPICS

Just Parents           Pregnancy and Parenting

Babble                    Parenting pregnancy food travel beauty entertainment

Parents.co              Family issues and Parenting

Stork Guide             Pregnancy and Parenting for newborn and toddlers

Well Family              Parenting

Scary Mommy          Parenting


The anxiety Foundation          Mental Health

The Atlantic                             Health Issues

General Interest and Lifestyle

Book Browse                    Book Reviews

Bitch Magazine                 Pop Culture

HowlRound                      The Theatre

Get Abstract                      Longer Book Reviews

Gothamist                         New York

Knitty                                 Knitting and Knitting Patterns

Lifezette                             Politics, Faith, Health Pop, Culture and Parenting

Listverse                            Various Topics

Paste                                  Various Topics

Pretty Designs                     Fashion and Beauty

Two plus Two Magazine      Poker

Vice                                      Food, music, Fashion, Technology and lifestyle topics

Your Tango                           Relationships

Travel and Food

The international Wine Accessories     Wine

Big Grey Horse                                      Texas

Saveur                                                   Travel and Food

Cultures and Cuisines                            Food and Travel

The Salt                                                   Food


Clear Voice                                              Bloggers in Various Niches

Make a Living Writing                              Guest Post Blogs

Wow                                                          Women on Writing


A-List Apart                                  Web Design

Compose                                      Databases

The Graphic Design School          Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Open Source Designs

Indeni                                             Palo Alto Network Firewalls, Check Point Firewalls and F5 Load Balancers

Linode                                            Web RTC, Open Change, Game Servers, Linux, Socket.io and No SQL Databases

Slick WP                                        WordPress and Genesis Theme Framework

Site Point                                        CSS, Ruby, PHP, HTML and more

Tuts                                                 Web Design and Flash also Writing, Photography, Design, Gaming and more

Word Candy                                   WordPress

WPHub                                           Web Design Trend, Coding and WordPress topics


Brazen                                             Administration, Marketing, Networking, HR, and Recruiting

B. Michelle Pippin                            Business related

CEO Hangout                                  CEO Lifestyle, Interviews, Success Stories and More

Daily Worth                                      Women and Money

Doctor of Credit                                Credit and Personal Finance

ECommerce                                      Online Retailing

Freelance Mom                                  Running a business as a Busy Parent

Fresh Books                                       Invoicing

Income Diary                                      Making Money Online, SEO, Traffic Generation, and Affiliate Sales

Penny Hoarder                                    Money Saving Ideas

Modern Farmer Magazine                    Farming and related issues

Rank Pay                                             SEO, Content marketing and Social Media

Work Online                                           Blogs, Various Subjects

Cosmopolitan.com                                 College Life

Essig Magazine                                      Personal Experience’s

The Establishment                                 Various Stories

Guide Posts                                           Christian Faith

Narratively                                              Specific Topics

New York Times                                     Love

Skirt                                                        Women’s Issues

Vox First Person                                     Various Stories

Xo Jane Women                                     Focused Topics

I have picked these particular websites as they all pay over $50 per article, post or story. Some of the websites listed pay $400, this is of course usually paid for a longer article maybe 2-3 thousand words.


A fist full of money in notes fanned out

It isn’t just the money aspect of website writing, you need to be proud of your writing work and feel self-esteem within yourself. Feel a sense of achievement, in that you have produced something wonderful. There is a lot of competition in the writing field but never give up, if it is a goal you have set yourself (which is a good idea) go for it and tell yourself that you can do this no matter what.

There is an array of topic choices to choose from among the 61 writing websites that are listed so I am sure you easily find a topic to write about.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment in the comments area below. Or if you would like to contact me privately you can use the contact me form or the ask me form.
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To Your Success



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